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Characterization Writing Workshop

In July I attended a writing workshop taught by Janette Rallison about characterization. I’ve been wanting to share what I learned for quite a while; better late than never!

Janette suggested some great activities that helped me focus on my main character’s defining quality.Writing workshop

  • Write a character bio / share past events that effect the present
  • List physical traits, social/economic background, personality type
  • Character webbing
  • Interview your character
  • Write a journal entry in their voice

Make your character dimensional by including the following:

  • Contradicting traits
  • Inner Conflict
  • Growth
  • Imperfections
  • Intelligence – don’t make your character an idiot
  • Heroic characteristics

What are heroic characteristics? Heroes…

  • have courage, or find it.
  • are clever & resourceful.
  • have a special talent.
  • live by their own laws.
  • are good at what they do for a living.
  • take the lead in a cause or action at some point in the story.
  • have been wounded.
  • are motivated at some point by idealism
  • are attractive.

As a writer, an effective tool for showing your character is internal thought. Here’s 5 reasons to use it correctly.

  1. Reveals characterization
  2. Reveals motivation
  3. Increases tension
  4. Is often referred to as ‘voice’
  5. Strengthens writing

There was so much great information. Rereading my four pages of notes makes me want to go play with my manuscript some more! (Do I really need to pick up the kids from school?)


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Friday Favorites: July 28

Farewell July! You came and went like a forest fire – hot and fast. On this last Friday of July, here’s this week’s favorites.

  • Writing workshop – Last Saturday I went to a workshop taught by Janette Rallison. I’ll share details soon.
  • Social media buttons – I figured out how to add those cuties at the top of my side bar! I need to tweak the size and the email one doesn’t work, but I’m making progress. Thanks to Something Swanky for the awesome tutorial!
  • Book Club – We discussed Selected Stories by Phillip K. Dick. I only finished about a quarter of the book. Too little time and so many books. Short stories are kind of hard; after each one I think I’m done, but I’m not.
  • Hanging out with my girls – We had a blast hanging out, talking about books and other silly things.
  • Mission Possible – I started reading another new book (I know, I need to finish one instead of continually start new one). This book is so inspiring – it makes me want to become a teacher and change the world!

There are a couple of cool favorites from the web too!

  • I totally need to make this Sock Monkey from Little Birdie Secrets. It would make someone’s Christmas!
  • Galley Cat shared what a Texas town did with an unused Wal-Mart.

Share your favorites of the week!

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