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2016 Word of the Year – Enough

Enough! How many times have we said that to our arguing kids? But it has other connotations, all of which I need to say to myself more often, so I chose it for my focus word of the year. I had a hard time with this year’s choice. I thought about confidence or love, but enough encompasses both of those words.

2015 Word of the YearAs I tried to focus on what made me happy last year, I noticed I tend to be hard on myself. I want to be able to do it all and get frustrated when I can’t. I need to pay attention to when I have enough on my plate and be realistic about what I can fit in.

The hardest part is balancing my time between the things that are important to me. Work fills up a huge chunk of my time. In the time left I have to do mandatory adult things like cooking, cleaning and paying bills. I need time to spend with my family. I devote time to exercising and studying. I’ve also done better about writing in my gratitude journal more regularly, which helps keep me sane.

That leaves a few hours a week for those all those other things that make me who I am; writing, photography, decorating,cooking, reading and way too many other interests. Sometimes I spend my time trying to figure out if I want to write a blog post or work on my book that I don’t  accomplish either.

I also need to say enough to pleasing everyone else. Which brings me to the most important part of the enough – I am enough. I don’t need to be what everyone else wants me to be, I don’t even need to be the perfect version of the person I want to be.

Last year, I read Brene Brown‘s Daring Greatly which helped me to understand the importance of realizing I am enough just the way I am. I still want to improve myself, but I see how I am sometimes crippled by fear of making a mistake. I’m so worried about making the wrong decision that I don’t make one at all. Several years ago I heard this story that illustrates the blessing of being ourselves.

The Cracked PotCracked Pot

An Indian water bearer carried two pots to gather water. One pot was cracked and returned only half full of water. The other pot was proud of its accomplishment, but the cracked pot was ashamed.

The cracked pot apologized to his master about not delivering a full amount of water. The water bearer explained he made use of the cracked pot by planting flower seeds on that side of the path and took advantage of the cracked pot’s flaw to water them.

We are all cracked pots and it’s our uniqueness and our flaws that make us interesting and can be a blessing. It’s often through our flaws that we can connect with others.

This year I’ll be reminding myself, that I am enough – flaws and all. Being enough means:

  • I’ll be aware of how much I put on my plate and prioritize my projects.
  • I’ll work to put aside my fears and be more confident in myself and my choices.
  • I’ll give myself permission to make mistakes.
  • I’ll remember my imperfections make me unique and can be a blessing.

I’d love to hear your word of the year! Please share in the comments.

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2015 Word: Happiness

I missed choosing a word of the year last year. But the 2015 word makes me smile, happiness.

The day after I decided on my 2015 word of the year, I thought about church discussions that happiness being fleeting and how we should strive to have joy. While joy is the ultimate long term goal, I don’t think I could achieve joy without ample happy experiences.

While I’m not looking for selfish moments of fleeting pleasure, I am hoping to discover what makes me happy. Often the simple question “Where do you want to go for dinner? overwhelms me. Even more than struggling with restaurant choices, this Christmas I realized I became accustomed to centering my celebration on making the holidays special for my children, I lost touch with what makes Christmas special for me.Santa Timer

I’ve spent so many years pleasing others, that I think it’s time to take a bit and focus on finding those things that make me happy, what makes me smile. For example, when I was packing up the Christmas decorations, I had to leave this little guy out just because I feel lighter every time I see it.

I was trying to think of a picture that embodies happiness and went to my Facebook friends for suggestions. They had great examples of what happiness looks like to them: family, service, nature, babies and the Holy Spirit started the list. But those things can be hard to capture in a single snapshot. I decided that my cute little Santa timer is going to be my happiness mascot and I’m going to make it a goal to share images throughout the year of simple things that brighten my day. I think I’ll call them Happiness Helpers!

Here’s to a year of smiles and happiness! I’d love your comments sharing your 2015 word or what makes you happy.

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2013 Word of the Year

I can’t believe January is half over. I’m still trying to get my head around my goals for the year. Before I get any Determination Word of the Yearmore behind, I’ll share my word of the year.

Last year I focused on nurturing myself. Moms get so busy taking care of everyone else, sometimes we don’t do so well taking care of ourselves.

The year before that it was direction. So many things to learn and be, but what do I really want to be? I’m still working on that one!

My first year’s word was Progress.

I’m seeing a trend that I’ll continue with this year’s word – Determination. As in the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose. This is the year to put it all together and move forward on becoming something more. It’s the year to let go of fear and doubt, and transform.

Adding a picture to this post was hard! What does determination look like? I had a picture of a raccoons from our family photography challenge and thought about how determined those buggers can be to get into food. The picture of a squirrel at the lake reminded me how determined he was to eat my Oreos – not cool. But the picture from my graduation is more in line with my hopes for this year; a culmination of years of learning and hard work coming together.

Do you have a word to guide this year? I’d love to hear it. We could offer each other support and encouragement.

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Striving for Balance

Balance of beautyMy word of the year is nurture, but my word for this life is balance. Everything always seems to come back to finding balance – nurture and direction are part of finding my ultimate peace, but that peace comes from balance.

Summer always seems to emphasize how challenging it is to strike that balance. I want to spend time enjoying my children while they are out of school, I want to teach them responsibility, the importance of work and education. I want to help them develop a love for learning and the desire to develop their talents.

If that wasn’t enough to fill a summer, I also have my own responsibilities and a desire to continue learning and developing my own talents. We all have a need for social time and even down time to just relax.

Every summer I know the challenge of pulling it off in a satisfactory manner. I usually only achieve it for a few days each summer.

The rest of the days are skewed one direction or another. I spend the whole day with my family, then scramble to meet deadlines. Or I work and research, then feel guilty that my kids are bored and want to do stuff with me. Yes, they should be able to entertain themselves – and they are usually pretty good about diving into a book. But it seems foolish to not spend time with your kids while they still want to be with me.

Now that summer has passed, I try to remember all that I’ve learned and fiddle with the balance of our lives. Maybe I’ll have a better handle on it next summer. There’s always hope, right?

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