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Family Photography Club and Challenge

It’s been a while since we had our last photography club meeting. We started off with a brief lesson on depth of field and how to control it from my old photography text book. It can be controlled by the aperture setting, the focal length and your distance from the subject.

Next we chose a theme for our next club challenge. The winner from our last challenge was Perspective Piano. Photography club challenge winner

This time we went with a water theme. Here are the entries in no particular order.

Photography Club entry #1Air Bubbles

Photography Club entry #2Lava Water

Photography Club Entry #3Polar Bear Cave

Photography Club entry #4


We had a lot of fun with our challenge and now we want you to join in the fun too. Please leave a comment voting for your favorite water theme picture. We put quite a bit of stock into the bragging rights that comes from winning!

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Thank You Food Storage!

Food storageRecently we had a scare that our water was contaminated with e coli (yuck!). We were told to drink bottled water or boil it first. We were encouraged to not even use the water for rinsing our toothbrushes and I heard some debate about if we should use it to wash our hands and bodies. A few days later we were told the test declaring our water undrinkable was a false positive. The whole process was inconvenient, but I’m grateful that we have a decent start on our food storage – including water.

Food wasn’t an issue, but obviously water was. I was at our church building when I heard about the situation. I’m grateful I could pull one of our cases of water bottles out of my storage and load up the fridge. I needed to go to the store the next day and I decided to get another case or two, just in case the problem lasted a while. The shelves were empty!

I’m grateful for church leaders that warn and guide us to navigate life’s challenges, from contaminated water to a slew of spiritual situations. I’m glad my pantry is stocked as well as it is, but I have plenty of room for improvement. I hope our water scare will motivate us to be more diligent in following a prophet’s council. Costco run anyone?

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