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Friday Favorites: February 15

I’m still struggling to make time to post more often, but at least I have two consecutive Friday Favorites! Without further ado, here’s this week’s favorites.

  • Cake pop heaven – a dozen girls making over 2000 Favorite pizzacake pops. My kitchen floors have almost recovered. Despite the mess and time, it was nice to help them get to camp.
  • Deadlines met – I finished my articles for the Homemaking Cottage just in time.
  • Meeting friendly people at work.
  • I actually did some writing on my work in progress!
  • Fun Valentine’s Day traditions, ending with a heart shaped pizza.
  • Two soon to be released books arrived for me to review.

Here’s a few quick picks from my blog reader.

What made your list for Friday Favorites?


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Valentines Banner and Scripture Study

With some help from one of my favorite assistants, we finished our Valentines Banner around 8 o’clock last night.  Hey, at least it was done for Valentines Day! 

As I’ve said before, I’m not a big sewer; this was project taught me quite a bit.  I learned that sewing on T-shirt material is very challenging.  How do all those people re-purpose them into useful new things?  I practiced my button holes; the hardest part is aligning them and making them the same length.

My banner is far from perfect, but I think it still turned out pretty cute.  I also love that the only thing I bought was the ribbon to hang it from – everything else came from my fabric scraps and old clothes.


This morning we gathered at the kitchen table and opened our Valentines from each other; there were Sealed with a Kiss Muffins, origami and of coarse chocolate.  One of my kiddos was in charge of our daily scripture study.  She had us start by looking for love in the Bible Dictionary – it’s not there.  So we found it in the Topical Guide.  It told us to see other words, which we started looking for in the Bible Dictionary.  We found charity and looked up the scripture references.

After a few short passages, we learned that charity is the pure love of Christ. It edifies us, or lifts us toward Him.  It is patient, kind and humble.  No matter how many generous deeds we performed that don’t mean anything without charity, although charity often leads up to good works.  Charity is vital and if we strive for it, the other good attributes follow.

We had a more festive holiday than usual with our banner and our cute mustache valentines.  Happy Valentines Day!  May you have a day full of charity.

Share how you celebrate the day of love!

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Mustache Valentines

One of my kiddos wanted homemade Valentines – something unique.  I think we succeeded with these adorable mustache valentines.  We used a moustache set from Silhouette, taped them on pipe cleaners and slipped them into the cute cards.

Of coarse we had plenty of fun posing with the mustaches alone the way!  I think they will be a big success at school tomorrow.

Do you buy or make Valentines?

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Friday Favorites: February 10

Is everyone ready for Valentine’s Day?  We still have to finish up cards, shopping and complete a craft project.  Hopefully we have a productive weekend!  Here’s this week’s favorites:

  • My hubby and I went to a fun Valentine party at church.  Let’s just say there may or may not be incriminating evidence of me dancing. To the left, to the left… Fortunately I had the dance down since I learned it at one of my kiddo’s Disco Party.
  • We finally got a trip in to the library and the book store.
  • I finished reading Museum of Thieves for our upcoming book club.  I’ve already started on our next book, The Lost German Slave Girl.  It’s an intriguing story; I’ll let you know what I think when i finish it.

I also have a few favorite blog posts!

  • I love the SITS Girls Blog Critiques.  They have another new one today.
  • Garlands are so festive; Life as a Thrifter’s posted a great collection of garland ideas.
  • Somewhat Simple has a great idea for a clothing swap.
  • Your Homebased Mom has some Chocolate Lava Cupcakes that might be just the ticket for our Valentine’s day dessert.

Share your favorites of the week, from real life or from your favorite blog.

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