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Friday Favorites: February 17

I’ve been pretty crafty earlier this week gearing up for Valentines.  There’s a quick stop at St. Patrick’s Day and then on to Easter!  Here’s this week’s favorites.

  • I had so much fun playing with my Silhouette and helping my kiddo make her Mustache Valentines.
  • Despite its imperfections, I’m loving my Valentines banner.
  • Book Club is a highlight of any week.
  • I had a rare trip to Costco alone!  Costco is even more expensive when you run out of everything.
  • We took the whole family to Jesterz.  It was the first time the kiddos had been.  They really liked the show, but had a hard time getting home so late.

I found some new favorite ideas from some of my favorite blogs.

  • Booking Mama reviewed a yummy memoir called Charlotte au Chocolat.  It sounds like something I need to read.
  • Chef in Training shared a recipe for Olive Garden Breadsticks.  I want to try making these!
  • If your looking for even fancier bread sticks, these Parmesan and Herb Cheese Straws from Joy the Baker look so cool!
  • Or we could skip the bread all together and enjoy If You’re Happy & You Know it’s story of her sneaky friends celebrating her amazing weight loss journey!

Don’t be shy, share your favorites of the week!

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Friday Favorites: January 20

Yeah, it’s Friday!  I get to sleep in tomorrow.  I know, I shouldn’t be so excited about it since we had a short week and all; but I really like my sleep in days.  This week flew by and I don’t feel like I have much to show for it.  Here’s short list of this week’s favorites.

  • Last weekend we went to Jesterz, one of my favorite date nights.
  • I cleaned up the wrapping paper area from Christmas.  It now fits nicely in it’s allowed space.
  • I tidied up the baskets and knick knacks that were displaced from the Christmas decorations and I put up our few Chinese New Year Decorations.
  • I cleaned the microwave.  I’m noticing a theme…

Fortunately other people lead more exciting lives.  Here’s some of my favorites from the blog world.

  • I love using food to help teach.  Gourmet Mom on-the-Go’s cookies are great to teach about Sedimentary Rocks.
  • Your Homebased Mom has some very inspiring Valentine Decor.  I’ll pull my stuff out after Chinese New Year; maybe I can borrow a couple of her projects to do this year.
  • And I can’t forget about my Stop, Start, and Continue post over at Arizona Mama.

Please share your favorites of the week, so I can live vicariously through you as I do more cleaning!

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