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Slices of November

I’ve got the tree up, decorated it yesterday, and there’s even gifts under it thanks to my mother in law. But it still doesn’t feel like December. Maybe if I mentally slice November that will help! It didn’t work great last month, but I’ll try again.November baby

.2 – Pounds gained in November. (I’m blaming it on Thanksgiving and White Chocolate Pretzel Cookies.)

2 – Days at Time Out for Women. It was a nice getaway!

3 – Books read. My favorites were The Candymakers or A Timeless Romance Anthology. (At least I narrowed it down by one!)

4 – Articles written, including Top 3 Toddler Gift Ideas featuring my grandson!

5 – Christmas movies watched. Isn’t that one of the best parts of Christmas?

6Projects completed (7 if you count the one I crossed of my list without doing it).

12 – Blog posts written.

15 – Pounds of turkey cooked on Thanksgiving. He was so cute and kind of little for our family.

48 – Rolls made for Thanksgiving dinner.

50 – States that visited my blog.

52 – Countries represented!

1454 – Page views! Thank you for another new record.

3148 – Words added to my book. I didn’t win NaNoWriMo, but I did better than last year. At this rate, it will only take me 27 years to actually win!

Share your successes from November!


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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas boxLast weekend we had a girls afternoon at the mall. I saw several stores having pre-Christmas sales and I couldn’t help pestering my kiddos for some Christmas gift ideas. I think I’ve finished my shopping for my grandson though. Do you want to know why he’s so easy? Head over to Arizona Mama to my top three toddler Christmas gift ideas. Not only are these ideas ridiculously easy, it was also a great excuse to show off my cutie pie!

Who are you most excited to start Christmas shopping for this year?

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