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The Host Book Club

Happy Halloween!

Halloween seems like a good day to share my book club on The Host – since it had aliens.  Nothing says Halloween like a good alien abduction story!

I wasn’t too sure I’d like this book, but I wanted to be a good sport for my new book club so I read it with an open mind.  My kiddos warned me it didn’t start getting good until chapter nine, but I was enjoying the story before I got to that point.  And by the end, I was sad the story was over.

We had a good discussion about the book, even if the the teenagers thought the adults were reading too much into the story.  I wonder if that’s an adult thing to look for meaning in a story beyond the cover of the book and in our own lives.

My friend made a good point about the story hitting close to home.  Even though we aren’t fighting an alien invasion, we are continually fighting against evil we can’t always see.  It can be exhausting, but we still must stay true to what we believe.  It also led us to wonder, and hope, what our choices would have been in different time periods.  Would we have been hiding Jews in our attic or been part of the underground railroad?

Our conversation strayed from the book and on to other topics.  The social aspect is one of my favorite parts of the book club, along with the food.  I wasn’t disappointed with that part either.  We enjoyed a loaf of homemade pumpkin bread.

Next month we will be discussing The Help.  What are you reading?

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Friday Favorites: October 21

This has been a week of catch-up, at least half a week of catch up.  With fall break over, I enjoy a lazy day or two to enjoy a quiet house again.  But not too much, there was still plenty going on this week and here are some of my favorites.

  • Book Club.  We got together and discussed The Host for a bit, and then we just talked and enjoyed pumpkin bread.
  • More books.  I started reading The Help for our next book club meeting.  I love the first paragraph!  A friend also let me borrow Lemon Tart.  It’s the first in the series of culinary cozies. Don’t forget to enter to win an iPad in celebration of the latest book in the series, Pumpkin Roll.
  • Relief Society.  We had an activity with treats and games.  I took Caramel Apple Cider Cookies that I found on Pinterest.  I also have the most determined booty, since I won musical chairs.  I also learned a fun new game called “Do You Love your Neighbor?”  It’s another scramble to get a chair game.  Hopefully those competitive games helped burn off all the cookies I ate.
  • The Glitter Academy.  Tonight’s the night I’ve been looking forward to with crafts, ice cream and the chance to be social!  I’m hoping to get a bunch of scrapbooking done tonight!

When I look at my week like that, it’s been an awesome week.  Here’s some other awesome things I found in the blogosphere.

  • Celebrations at Home has a cute, fun Halloween party (I don’t really like scary, gory Halloween).
  • Maybe you could feature these Oreo Candy Bars from In Katrina’s Kitchen.
  • If your kids are going trick or treating, these bags from Your Homebased Mom are adorable.  My kids would want bigger bags, like pillow cases with handles.
  • Not A Supermom shares her solution for mismatched socks.  It just might work…
  • I’m over at Arizona Mama sharing our Family Photo Challenge.  Remember there’s still time to vote!
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Friday Favorites: October 7

Happy October!  We’ve been enjoying some fall weather here in Arizona; there was even rain.  That’s definitely a favorite.  Here’s what else caught my fancy.

  • Ladder ball in the back yard with the kiddos was fun and relaxing.
  • I finished reading The Host.  It was a captivating story.  I’ve heard Stephanie Meyer is a good storyteller, but I had my doubts since I heard Stephen King’s comment that she wasn’t a good writer.  Her writing held its own and the story overcame any short coming’s.  I’m looking forward to this month’s book club.
  • We have the Halloween decorations up and I’m looking forward to crafting a few more.

I found some other favorites in my RSS feed.

What’s your week’s favorites?  Please share so we can all live vicariously!

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Friday Favorites: September 30

September’s almost over!  This week flew by with several things going on in the evenings; last night was the first night we weren’t running somewhere.  You’d think the busy schedule would spark lots of favorites, but sometimes it just wears me out.  There are a few things that make me feel good.

  • General Conference preparations – I picked up snacks and breakfasts for our Conference weekend.
  • Candy corn – Our local grocery store didn’t have any, but I was able to pick some up on a run to Wal-mart this week. I can’t wait to finally decorate next week.
  • The Host – Despite my disinterest in the Twilight series, Stephanie Meyer is a great storyteller.

I can’t forget to mention the cool things going on in the blogosphere.

  • Seth Adam Smith shares a inspiring Book of Mormon challenge.
  • Monzanita shares a Booing recap.  I’m hoping next week settles down enough for us to play too!
  • Since Halloween is the precursor to Thanksgiving (which is the precursor to Christmas), we might as well start thinking about pie!  Latter Day Woman’s Jordan is on a Pie Quest and shares S’mores Pie.
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