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Family Home Evening: Gratitude

Welcome to today’s Family Home Evening! This time of year always seems to take a back to basics theme where we focus on the fundamentals of the gospel. Today’s lesson on gratitude is absolutely fundamental.Family home evening mountain top

Opening Song: High on a Mountain Top


Scripture: Matthew 26:3-6

Lesson: Gratitude

What is gratitude?

  • It’s an attitude of thankfulness.
  • We choose to have it or to focus on those things we don’t have or aren’t going our way.

How to we express gratitude?

  • We express gratitude with our words, our actions and by making it a habit.
  • Gratitude unexpressed is like a gift unopened.

Why do we need gratitude?

  • To let people know we are grateful.
  • To have good manners.
  • We’re happier when we’re grateful.
  • It’s a commandment.
  • It helps us find the good in our trials. In her book the Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom wrote of an incident of living in a concentration camp where the beds were infested with flees. Her sister insisted that they express gratitude for the flees, much to her dismay. It turned out the flees kept the guards away and they were able to read and share their smuggled New Testament. This scripture study brought them peace, even though their surroundings were horrific.

Activity: Phase 10. We played the phases in reverse order to change it up a bit.

Closing Song: Scatter Sunshine


Treat: Ice cream

What does gratitude mean to you and your family?

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