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The Help Movie Night

Since I received the movie The Help for Christmas, our book club decided to have a movie night in between meetings to watch it.  We had trouble finding a night that worked for everyone, but enjoyed the night with those that could make it.  You can’t go wrong if you have a ginormous bowl of Cinnabon Popcorn.

I agreed with those who said the movie stayed true to the book.  Obviously details were left out; thank goodness for that in the case of the crazy naked man!  Other details were simplified to fit in the time constraints of the movie.  The biggest variation is the way I pictured the characters and the actors who played them.  I expected Skeeter to be more homely and Hilly chubbier.

Also keeping with the book, the movie had more language than I’d like.  It’s not a movie for kids of all ages, but I’m glad I saw it.  I’d give it four slices.

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The Help Book Club

Somehow in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I missed posting about our book club where we discussed The Help.  We unanimously loved the book, although I would have preferred a little less language (especially since my teenagers were also reading it).  All in all, I liked it almost as much as These is my Words and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society.  I give it 4 1/2 pies!

What surprised me the most was that both of my teenagers liked it too.  They read so much fantasy that I thought this book would be a little too real for them.  Although they were dissatisfied with the ending, most of the adults were okay with it.  We would all love to know the rest of the story.

Just like our previous book clubs with The Host and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, we questioned how we would act if we were in Jacksonville in the 60’s.  Would we be so intrenched in the way things were that we would judge people by the color of their skin? Or if we were on the other side, would we be brave enough to stand up for changes?  Would we be able to fight peacefully and respecting the other side?

I also thought Kathryn Stockett’s voice was very interesting in this book.  She made a comment about how people would react to her writing from the point of view of a black woman.  I think she did a great job.  In a literature class I read the story “A Party Down at the Square” by Ralph Ellison. He is a black man writing in the voice of a young white man feeling uncomfortable by the treatment of blacks in the south.  I am impressed with both authors ability to see the other side and have such great compassion for their point of view.  Interestingly enough, Mr. Ellison’s book The Invisible Man is referenced in The Help.

In the spirit of the book, I tried my hand at a caramel cake like Minny’s that I found on Pinterest.  I’m sure I didn’t come close, but it did taste good.  I didn’t realize the frosting was going to be more like caramel than frosting.  And I frosted the cake while the caramel was too warm, I guess.  The top layer started to slide off the cake almost immediately.  And the caramel frosting continued to slide off the cake for the next few hours, leaving most of it on the cake plate and in a puddle on the counter.  Again, it tasted good and didn’t go to waste, but it wasn’t pretty!  I took a picture trying to make it look as good as possible, but I should have taken one showing all the devastation!

Disclosure: I make a small percentage from any purchases made through my Amazon links.  Thanks for your support!

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Friday Favorites: November 18

It’s the last Friday before Thanksgiving!  It’s been a busy week of Thanksgiving preparations and I’ve been wearing several hats.  Some of my favorite things from this week were:

  • We had so much fun celebrating Thanksgiving at Pack Meeting.
  • I finished reading Lemon Tart. Now I just need to get a hold of the next book in the series, English Trifle.
  • I only have three more layouts to finish up last year! My goal is to be done by the end of November.
  • Tonight is our book club meeting for The Help.  I’m making a Caramel Cake that I found on Pinterest.

Here’s some of my favorites from the blog world.

  • Marta Writes shares her mom’s apple cake recipe.  I need more time to bake all these goodies I find!
  • Creating Keepsakes shares a cute scrapbook layout and a link to their free font.  Maybe this will help me finish up those last three layouts…
  • I love the thumbprint writing prompt Chocolate on my Cranium shares.  I want to try that one with my kids over the summer.
  • This wreath craft from Little Birdie Secrets would be a great way to keep the kiddos busy while Thanksgiving dinner cooks!

Share your favorites of the week!

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Friday Favorites: November 11

I think we missed Autumn here in Arizona and went straight to winter.  What can I say, all these years in the desert have thinned my blood and I’m freezing at 65 degrees!  The cool weather helps me remember to get ready for Thanksgiving.  I can’t believe it’s less than two weeks away!  Here are some of my favorites ways to prepare or be distracted from those preparations – mostly distracted.

  • Veteran’s Day – Thank you to all who have sacrificed for our country.
  • A sleep in day.  I love days off from school!
  • My chicken canning is caught up and my freezer is defrosted and clean.  I’m ready to buy my Thanksgiving turkey, and a couple extra.
  • I finished reading The Help.  I liked it immensely, especially the end.
  • I’m half way through Lemon Tart.  I’ve been wanting to read it based on the title alone.  It’s a mystery with a few recipes I’d love to try.

Along the lines of being distracted, I’ll share some of my favorite distractions I found online.

  • Get your hair ready for Turkey day with these cute hair clips from a couple of my favorite crafters at Arizona Mama.
  • Latter Day Woman Magazine shares the ins and outs of freezing pies.  This could be helpful with the advance planning of Thanksgiving.
  • If you want an idea of what pie to make, Joy the Baker’s Salted Caramel Cheesecake Pie sounds good.
  • Maybe instead of pies, you could make Bakers Royale’s Pecan Pie Cookies.
  • Maybe you want to prepare for the holidays by brushing up on your photography skills.  I {heart} faces shares some great tips for taking pictures in full sun.

What are your favorite ways to get ready for Thanksgiving?

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