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Friday Favorites: June 23

Welcome to the first Friday of summer! I’m glad we have the 110 degree temperatures to make sure we realize it is summer here in Arizona! The heat definitely affects my favorites – long afternoon walks don’t make the list this time of year. Here’s what did make the list.

  • A couple of trips to the pool. I’m not a super big water lover, but I did enjoy our morning trips this week.
  • Hot Wheels. My kiddos spent a whole day building tracks and racing their cars. It was so nice to see them occupy themselves without asking to veg in front of a screen.
  • Summer reading programs. The kids already earned their prizes. I also like that some of the libraries have programs for adults – even if the prizes aren’t as cool.
  • Not one, but two book clubs! We had our family book club for Savvy and our adult book club for The Lost Conspiracy. Stay tuned for more details on both meetings.

Between computer issues and finding the time to be on the computer, I only have a couple online favorites this week.

  • Booking Mama shared a review of the Song of Achilles. I’d rather read it than listen to the audio book, but it sounds like a great story.
  • I always need a little something for my sweet tooth and Your Homebased Mom’s Dulce de Leche bars hit the spot.

Share your favorites with me – if your not too busy doing summer!


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Summer Bucket List Recap

July’s over, so that must mean the kids are back in school and our summer is over.  At least the vacation part – the heat is here for a while longer. As we move from one season to another, I like to reflect on our progress.  Here’s what we were able to accomplish:

There were a handful of things we weren’t able to get done over this crazy busy summer, but we had fun trying. How did you do on your summer bucket list?

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Summer Bucket List

We’ve been brainstorming for the last couple of weeks, deciding what kind of fun activities we want to accomplish this summer.  I was surprised that our list had a slow start, but now it’s looking very healthy.
I made a pretty list and we’ll put a sticker by the ones we accomplish.  I probably should have done a little more research because one of our ideas was to go to an exhibit at the Center for Creative Photography at the U of A; but they are remodeling.  No exhibits until late August. 
What’s on your summer bucket list?
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