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New York City Summer Camp

We finished up this year’s stay-at-home summer camp with our New York City theme week. New York city is a great spring board to many other related themes because so much happens there! You want art, head to the Guggenheim; for animals, check out the Bronx Zoo. The city is a hub of fashion, theater and history. Don’t even get me started on the number of movies and books center around the Big Apple!

For the full scoop of our fun NYC week, head over to Arizona Mama. Be sure to say ‘hi’!

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China Summer Camp

It has been a crazy busy summer, but we still squeezed in a few of our fun summer camp themes. I shared the details of our China Summer Camp over at Arizona Mama. Our themes have been very international this year with France and now China, which is perfect for this Olympic season! This theme was sparked by a beautiful coffee table book, The Spirit of China. Don’t you love awesome neighbors who give your kids gifts that spark a quest for learning?

Please come visit me and be sure to say hello!

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Summer Goals for Kids

We brainstormed a little for a summer bucket list – I’m sure it’s around here somewhere. Our stay at home summer camp continues to morph as the kiddos get older. Even summer school is changing as we moved completely away from the Summer Bridge books and set up our own ‘curriculum’. What we have now are summer goals that include some learning and some fun; I shared l the details over at Arizona Mama. Please stop by and let me know how you make the most out of summer.

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Flying Machines Summer Camp

This summer, one of our themes for our Stay at Home Summer Camp was Flying Machines.  Of coarse we learned about your standard airplanes and helicopters.  But we also got into rockets, air ships and hot air balloons.  We even tied food into our lessons!  Get the whole scoop over at Arizona Mama.

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