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Friday Favorites: May 24

Favorite restuarant

I’m back once again with Friday Favorites! It’s been a fun, but busy week (or 8).

  • Lunch at one of my favorite¬†restaurants with a couple of friends!
  • We’ve had fun with the end of school year events. Another mom said those things make May as busy as December! We’ve had a band concert, a choir concert, awards dinners and ceremonies, an art show and some other stuff. That didn’t happen all this week, but all this month. It’s good to see my kiddos involved, it just makes for a crazy month.
  • We got a new board game based off the Hunger Games. It was pretty fun once we figured out the rules.
  • I finally did some writing! I have a Spring into Action article over at Today’s Mama.
  • I also added over 250 words to my book.
  • I even did a little editing.
  • Book club is always fun!
  • We started brain storming for this year’s summer bucket list. The Happy Family Movement is having a Summer Bucket List Challenge to inspire to families to build great memories together this summer. After last year’s fiasco, I’m looking forward to some encouragement for a better summer.

What did you do this week that made your Friday Favorites list?

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Summer Bucket List Failure

summer bucket listThe kids are back in school, so that means summer’s officially over (except for that pesky heat)! As summer came to a screeching halt with school supply shopping, I hardly had time to reflect on our summer bucket list. It worked so well last year. But maybe it’s a good thing to be too busy to evaluate!

Now that the dust has settled I shared our success, or lack of it, at Arizona Mama. I guess we can’t be perfect at everything. Please enjoy my summer bucket list woes, laugh a little and then offer me some consolation!

How did you do with your bucket list this summer?

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Summer Goals for Kids

We brainstormed a little for a summer bucket list – I’m sure it’s around here somewhere. Our stay at home summer camp continues to morph as the kiddos get older. Even summer school is changing as we moved completely away from the Summer Bridge books and set up our own ‘curriculum’. What we have now are summer goals that include some learning and some fun; I shared l the details over at Arizona Mama. Please stop by and let me know how you make the most out of summer.

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Summer Bucket List Recap

July’s over, so that must mean the kids are back in school and our summer is over.¬† At least the vacation part – the heat is here for a while longer. As we move from one season to another, I like to reflect on our progress.¬† Here’s what we were able to accomplish:

There were a handful of things we weren’t able to get done over this crazy busy summer, but we had fun trying. How did you do on your summer bucket list?

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