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Elephant of a Sewing Project

I’ve been working on a sewing project with one of my daughter’s lately.  I wish I was a seamstress, but it doesn’t come easily and I can’t say it’s my favorite activity.  The irony of my teaching someone to sew hasn’t escaped me. What a mom will do for a child.

After a month, we finally finished!  I know my sewing skills have expanded, hopefully my daughter learned a bit and gained some confidence.  I tried to encourage her to start out with a simpler project, but she’s a stuffed animal lover.  Next time we will definitely be working on something simple like a skirt or pajama pants so she can get more time behind the machine!  This project was a great reminder in reading the directions all the way through before beginning.The final product has a lot of personality and we love him (or her – I don’t know if that detail has been determined yet).  I love the splash of color in his ears and on his paws.  This morning I saw him sitting and reading my daughter’s book.  They are quite the pair!

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