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General Conference is Coming!

This weekend is one of my favorites!  I love our semi-annual General Conference.  It is our time to spiritually feast; OK, we do quite a bit of physical feasting too. We’ve planned our special conference breakfasts – Chocolate Muffins and Cinnamon Rolls (out of a can). One homemade breakfast and one easy breakfast, that sounds fair to me!

This year I’m going to have the kiddos help choose the topics for our Conference Activity. Then I’ll be sure to stock up on snacks for our special topics.

We talked about feasting upon the word in Sunday School yesterday. The comparison was made to a Thanksgivings feast and then to Conference. One thought that hit me was that by the end of Conference, I often on information overload – which is also a common part of a Thanksgiving feast.  I understand what the Savior means when he’s talking to the Nephites after His resurrection; they needed time to digest what he taught them.  I’m sure they knew He was right, but they didn’t want Him to go either. I’m sad at the end of Conference, but I’m glad to have time to digest what I learned and felt.

One goal I have is to read all the Conference talks from one Conference before the next arrives.  I just finished President Uchtdorf’s talk from the last Relief Society broadcast this morning.  It’s a great way to relive Conference in between Conferences!

The Redheaded Hostess shared some great Conference traditions, in case you are looking for some.  Please share what traditions you have to help your family focus on General Conference.

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