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Friday Favorites: September 16

It’s Friday and September is half over!  It’s almost Christmas, but I’m not worried since I’ve actually started my Christmas shopping.  Sorry that was for my mom, she hates hearing about how I get started early.  Not only is September half over, so is my Nutrition class.  I took my mid-term yesterday.  I think my instructor gave me the wrong study guide because the stuff on the test is not what I’ve been studying all week!  On to things more favorite than my class.

  • I’m so excited about my book club next week.  What should I make for dessert?  I lent out my copy of the book, so I can’t flip it through for some ideas.
  • Pinterest – I know I’m slow on the bandwagon, but better late than never.  It is so much fun seeing all the pretty things!
  • Kids – Last night one of my kiddos corrected me when I called the napkin square; it’s actually a rectangle by about a half inch.  This morning another kiddo wished we could breath in through our noses while breathing out through our mouths so we wouldn’t have to stop to take a breath.  I don’t think this has ever been a problem for me.  My kids definitely keep me laughing!
  • Tomorrow I’m going to Joe’s Farm Grill for Hello there! house meet and greet.

As usual, I have some favorites from my RSS feed too!

  • Since I’m chomping at the bit for fall, these Apple Toffee Blondies from Cookies & Cups are calling my name.  Maybe I should make them for my book club.   Her spider cake is cute too!
  • This card sketch from Got Sketch? makes wish I had time to enjoy card making again.  Maybe in four weeks when I finish my class.

I better stop playing on the computer and get my homework done so I can actually spend time with my family this weekend.  What are your big plans?

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