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Friday Favorites: July 28

Farewell July! You came and went like a forest fire – hot and fast. On this last Friday of July, here’s this week’s favorites.

  • Writing workshop – Last Saturday I went to a workshop taught by Janette Rallison. I’ll share details soon.
  • Social media buttons – I figured out how to add those cuties at the top of my side bar! I need to tweak the size and the email one doesn’t work, but I’m making progress. Thanks to Something Swanky for the awesome tutorial!
  • Book Club – We discussed Selected Stories by Phillip K. Dick. I only finished about a quarter of the book. Too little time and so many books. Short stories are kind of hard; after each one I think I’m done, but I’m not.
  • Hanging out with my girls – We had a blast hanging out, talking about books and other silly things.
  • Mission Possible – I started reading another new book (I know, I need to finish one instead of continually start new one). This book is so inspiring – it makes me want to become a teacher and change the world!

There are a couple of cool favorites from the web too!

  • I totally need to make this Sock Monkey from Little Birdie Secrets. It would make someone’s Christmas!
  • Galley Cat shared what a Texas town did with an unused Wal-Mart.

Share your favorites of the week!

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