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Friday Favorites: May 31

I’m not exactly sure where May went, but I’m happy to share my favorites from the week before moving on to June! We had a good week, full of lots of good things.

  • We had a blast a Flipside. Next time will be even better if we remember to wear closed toe shoes.

Flipside Favorites(Sandals are not allowed on the Crash Pods, in case you were wondering.)

  • After we emptied our play cards at Flipside, we headed to the mall and found some killer deals at Payless Shoes.
  • We finished off the evening by redeeming a ColdStone gift card from 2011. We’re quick like that!
  • The WordPress 10 year anniversary celebration! I’m kind of nerdy like that – and I want to learn more to make my blog better for you.
  • A fitness themed Pack Meeting. I was in charge of a relay race with spoons and tennis balls. I also got to show off my mad juggling skills.
  • I found some great continuing education classes through the local library. The $120 Quick Books class I was looking at through the local college was free! And there were tons to choose from.
  • One of my kiddos initiated a cleaning session!
  • This week I was blessed to participate in a soldier’s homecoming. They always make me cry. I’m so grateful for their sacrifice and that of their families. Some hadn’t seen each other for almost a year. I’m so glad they are home safely.
  • We filled our summer bucket list and even completed our first activity.

What are the highlights from your week?

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Friday Favorites: January 27

Happy Friday!  Welcome to my favorites.

  • I did some shopping with my mom over the weekend and picked up a pair of cute jeans for $20!  Yeah for pre-inventory sales.  I also started on some birthday shopping for my kiddos.
  • I’m still sticking to my goal of losing weight by tracking what I eat, eating less and moving a little more.  I’m starting to see some progress.

After a busy start to the week, my body helped me remember to nurture myself.  It only took a nagging headache to slow me down.  The headache is gone, but I’m still stuck in low gear.  Slow is fine, I’m just finding a balance between meeting my responsibilities, nurturing myself and my family.

My favorite blogs inspired some new favorites!

What on your list of favorites today?

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