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Sherlock Holmes Book Club and Review

Our last book club met to discuss The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a collection stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I’d never read any Sherlock Holmes stories and was excited to add a little culture to my reading repertoire.

The Classic Adventures of Sherlock HolmesHis friend and cohort Dr. Watson called him the “most perfect reasoning machine the world has seen.” Sherlock Holmes, the eccentric, pipe-smoking Londoner with an encyclopedic knowledge of almost every field, could build a solution on the thinned thread of a clue, and use it to bring any criminal to justice.

In this volume are collected seven of the most thrilling of the Sherlock Holmes stories. With the cunning of a fox and the courtesy of an English man, Holmes uses his miraculous powers of observation to save a king from blackmail, capture England’s most wanted and feared bank robber, and deduce the identity of a mysterious man who has left his fiancee at the altar. With Watson as a sounding board for his questions and an accomplice to his machination, Holmes is virtually unstoppable as a detective, even in the most baffling circumstances. Yet in “A Scandal in Bohemia” he meets the woman, a foe whose beautiful face hides a mind that might be one step ahead of his own. Each chapter provides a new adventure, and each case – seemingly more obscure and hopeless than the last – never proves too difficult for Sherlock Holmes. {Book flap}

The first thing I learned was that I can only handle short story collections in small doses. This was my third book of short stories in a couple of months and I’m pretty short storied out now.

Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.Somewhere along the line I started thinking about how different Sherlock Holmes in the book is from Robert Downey Jr.’s version in the movies. I’m glad a couple of the stories at the end gave me a little insight at how the movie producers made that leap.

Our book club was split pretty even as to those that like Sherlock and those who not so much. It was a good discussion picking out pieces of his personality that came through the different stories.

Overall, I appreciated the mysteries but Sherlock Holmes isn’t my favorite detective. He’s too aragent and condescending for my taste. I prefer Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. I give The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes three slices.

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Friday Favorites: August 17

I’m loving monsoon season this year (except for the destruction its caused in a few areas). 100 degrees just doesn’t feel as hot when it’s overcast. The lightning show is definitely one of my favorites. Here are a few other favorites.

  • Took the kids to a Diamondbacks game. I love the stack of YA booksrewards from the summer reading program! There were even fireworks after the show; they gave the lightning a run for its money!
  • We had our family book club for Princess Academy. Did I mention I’m excited for the sequel, Palace of Stone, to come out on Tuesday?
  • I get to help out with the Junior Achievement project my kiddos are doing at school! Junior Achievement made my high school economics class awesome.
  • Also helping my son out with BSA popcorn sales.
  • Book club for Sherlock Holmes. (It was a big book week!) I made Molten Lava Cake in the crock pot. It was very rich, but good.
  • There’s a few more days to enter my Hallmark Giveaway. I love giving stuff to my friends!

I’m not the only one having fun this week, here are my favorites on the web.

  • Shot at Life Blogust campaign is still in full swing. Head over to formerly phread and leave a comment. Easy as that you’ve just provided immunization to a child in need!
  • I’ve always believed that reading is a key to success but Harvard Business Review sheds new light on the benefits of reading for leaders!
  • Food Renegade’s post on honey not being honey, doesn’t make me do the happy dance – but it’s good to know what to keep my eyes open for!

Don’t let me have the fun alone! What are your favorites this week?

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Friday Favorites: August 10

Yeah it’s Friday! Weekends are such a nice way to end good weeks. I can’t wait to share my favorites with you – so I won’t.

  • Lunch with a friend at Joe’s Farm Grill. I love the BBQ Chicken Pizza!
  • Our Pack had it’s annual planning meeting. We’re going to have a great year! I’m especially looking forward to our upcoming circus theme.
  • I finished several cleaning projects this week. The work might not have been my favorite, but I like having a clean fridge!
  • I finished reading Sherlock Holmes.
  • We tried a couple of new recipes – homemade pot stickers and tamales. The pot stickers were more work than the ones I buy at Costco, but they have potential to be amazing. I’d help someone assemble tamales again, but I don’t think I’ll be heading up that big of a project anytime soon!
  • The winner of the book Mission Possible is Beth from OMG! Yummy. Thanks to everyone who participated.

I can’t not share my favorites from the blogosphere too!

  • Nathan Bransford started a great conversation about book reviews getting to nice. Do you think honesty is being sacrificed for nice?
  • I love that Hillary Weeks’ husband is a good sport and gets a pedicure with his girls.
  • I’ve done pretty well this week with cutting back on treats (only 3 so far!), but Bakers Royal is testing my resolve with her Snickers Coffee Cake.

What are your favorites today?

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