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Friday Favorites: November 9

Can you believe there are less than two weeks until Thanksgiving? I’m still trying to mentally prepare for Halloween! I guess I better buy a turkey before I blink and it’s December. Let’ see if I can get my brain around this week’s favorites.Nano favorites

  • I spent last weekend at Time Out for Women. What an amazing recharge! I think the laughing and crying (the good kind) were pretty well balanced.
  • The election is over! No more campaign ads!
  • Another great ANWA meeting.
  • I’ve been Nanoishing along, which means I’m writing regularly but not 2000 words a day. I don’t need to win, I’m just hoping to hit 10%.
  • I had a job interview that I thought went very well. I’ll know if the prospective employer agrees in the next couple of weeks.
  • A great Relief Society dinner. The food was good and the company was even better!

Time’s short these days, but I found a few favorites on some of my favorite blogs.

  • If Thanksgiving is close, that means Christmas is just a couple of days behind (at least it feels that way). Family Chic has a cute and easy Sweater Tree project that has me wondering if I have any sweaters I’m ready to recycle.
  • Now that the decorations are covered, I {Heart} Naptime has a cute jar gift idea.
  • To keep the ideas from being too Christmas heavy, Chef in Training has 30 soup, chili and chowder recipes.

Share your Friday Favorite!

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Relief Society Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to the Relief Society!  Our ward recently celebrated its birthday with dinner, crafts and a fun game.  The dinner was a simple salad bar, everyone contributed by bringing a topping.  I brought blue cheese salad dressing; not many people like it but at least I knew I’d have my favorite dressing.  Surprisingly, the bottle was almost empty by the end of the night.

There were a few crafts. Some people decorated painted boards to use as brag boards or chore charts.  I chose to make a burlap wreath.  I simplified it from the plan – that way I could add seasonal elements like Easter eggs or flags.

My favorite part of the night was the game.  We were each asked to bring something to give away that represented a hobby or something about us.  One person started by introducing herself and how the item related to her.  She brought a container of salt and talked about how she liked salty food.  Then she drew someone’s name to receive the salt.  That person then introduced herself and shared her item.

I brought a basket (because I like baskets) that had scrapbook stickers, cookies, a picture of a squirrel, and a write up of one of the birthday parties I’ve thrown for my kiddos.  My item reminded me of my blog – all over the board!

There were fun items, off the wall items and things everyone wanted like the gift certificate for a pedicure.  I received a teddy bear one of the ladies received for selling nine Mustangs in a month; she calls him Mustang Teddy.  It was hard accepting something that meant so much to her but my stuffed animal kiddo loves it.

The night wasn’t super spiritual, but it was a night of sisterhood that enables the Relief Society to do all that it accomplishes.  What is your ward doing to commemorate the Relief Society birthday?

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Friday Favorites: March 9

Here in the Valley of the Sun, spring has sprung!  We get a taste of the nice weather for a few days before a storm moves in and cools us off.  I’m OK with that because the warm weather will quickly fade to hot weather all too soon.  I’ll share this week’s favorites, and then I’m going back outside!

  • Cub Scout Day Camp!  I love seeing that many Cub Scouts in one place, wearing their uniform and excited to have fun learning and doing what they do best.
  • Speaking of Cub Scouts, we had a very productive Committee Meeting planning our Pinewood Derby.
  • Our Relief Society celebrated its birthday with a dinner, a game and a craft.

Here’s my favorites from around the web.

  • Monzanita is starting a new family tradition.
  • My Insanity shares a cute way to decorate cans for your organization needs.
  • What Friday Favorites would be complete without a recipe – like Bakers Royale Snickers Cake.
  • Or if you want to ditch the sweets, Your Homebased Mom has some yummy bread sticks.

I’d like to do something fun for St. Patrick’s Day, but I don’t even have my decorations up.  I’m not sure it’s even worth putting them up for a week, but we don’t have very many so we’ll see.  If you have any simple ideas for older kids – please share!  Feel free to share any other favorites too.

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