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Slices of 2012

New year, new Smart goals! But first, it’s time to slice 2012. I did really well on some goals – not so much on others.Minnie at evo 2012

4 – Conferences attended this year – ANWA, evo ’12, Bloggy Boot Camp Vegas, and Time Out for Women. I’d love to go to that many or more this year!

11 – Pounds lost! That’s one more pound than my goal. (It would have been a couple of more, but Christmas got the better of me).

13 – Recipes added to our Real Food for Real People blog.

17 – Trips to the temple.

47 – Books read. I finished Jason F. Wright’s 13th Day of Christmas with a few hours to spare. My goal was 32 books. Smoked that one!2012 states

50 – States visited the blog. Top five are Arizona, Utah, California, Texas and Florida.

67 – Scrapbook layouts completed. I was hoping to finish scrapbooking 2011 but I only got about half way.

68 – Names researched on PAF (Personal Ancestral File). I exceeded my goal of 50!

73 – Articles written for Arizona Mama and The Homemaking Cottage.

94 – Countries visited Easy as PIE.

190 – Blog posts.2012 winnings

216 – New names added to PAF.

$450 – Value of prizes won – a Kaboo bag and Christian Dior make up. The downside is now I have a weakness for $70 foundation and $25 mascara!

10435 – Page views

Top Five Posts of 2012

  1. Book Theme Party Decorations
  2. Family Home Evening: Joseph Smith’s First Vision Revisited
  3. Raingutter Regatta
  4. Sweet Shop and Nerf Top Shot Invitations
  5. Thanksgiving Pack Meeting

What did you accomplish last year? Did you meet your goals?


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Slices of May

Was it just me or did May swoosh by for anyone else. There was so much going on I had a harder than usual time keeping up! Here’s how it sliced!

1 – Associate Degree for me! This has been a goal I’ve worked on for over two decades (yes, I’m slow)! It is definitely a part of this year’s word – Nurture.

2 – Recipes added to Real Food for Real People; one of them was even mine!

3.2 – Pounds lost!

4 – Books read, including Queen of Attolia, King of Attolia, Daughters of Jared and The Lost Conspiracy.

7 – Article written for The Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama, including my latest the Angry Birds Party.

9 – Flavors of cheesecake sampled from The Cheesecake Factory. What an excellent girls night out!

11 – Scrapbook layouts finished.

15Projects complete. I’ve never met the original goal, but 15 is good for me!

16 – Blog posts.

42 – Names added to my Personal Ancestral File.

624 – Page views.

I’d love to hear how your May sliced up!


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Slices of April

April flew by in a breeze of activity.  I’ve checked my focus on my word of the year – Nurture. I had to go look up which word I chose, and smiled at how appropriate that word is this year. Despite the busyness and challenges, I feel like I’m on the right path. Here’s how this month sliced!

1 – Book destroyed for our book theme party decorations.

1.2 – Pounds lost in March and another 1/4 inch in my waist!

3 – Recipes added to our Real Food for Real People blog, thanks to my daughter.

6 – Articles written for The Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama.  Be sure to check out my latest, Book Theme Birthday Party and see how we used the awesome decorations.

7 – Books read! I’ve been a reading machine and I already finished one in May! Court Duel was my favorite for the month.

8 – Scrapbook layouts completed

12Projects finished

16 – Blog posts

21 – Days logging my food, 12 were logged on the calorie counting website.

33 – Names added to my PAF (Personal Ancestral File)

590 – Page views for April

How did you slice your month?

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Slices of 2011

The New Year always proves what a nerd I am; I love comparing my list of goals with how I really did.  I also love top ten whatevers from the previous year.  Hopefully you don’t get too sick of my lists this week!  Here’s how I sliced 2011.

1/2 – Young Woman Value completed.  Hopefully I’ll finish the other half this year!

1 – Pound gained, much better than last year’s 12 pounds gained and pretty close to my maintaining goal.  As I looked back, I noticed I lost 2 inches in my hips so I’m pretty satisfied.  I’ve decided to work harder at turning those numbers around and losing 10 pounds this year.  I’m going to continue working out and be more diligent about tracking my food intake.

10 – Nights spent away from home with a trip to Utah for a family visit, EFY and evo ’11.  I’m into making the most out of our vacations!

17 – Memories recorded.  My goal was 25, I’ll try for 20 this year.

19 – Trips to the temple.  One more trip than last year and one less than my goal.  I’ll stick to my goal of 20 trips this year.

26 – Recipes on our Real Food for Real People blog.

31 – Books read.  One more than my goal.  I’ll try for 32 this year.

46  – Names checked for accuracy on PAF (Personal Ancestral File).  I exceeded my goal, so I’ll shoot for 50 this year.

82 – Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama.

89 – Scrapbook layouts completed.  I finished scrapbooking 2010 at the end of November, just making my goal.

170 – Names added to my PAF.

$287 – Value of the cool prizes I won in 2010.

294 – Blog posts.

$511 – Value of swag received from evo ’11.

13896 – Page views in 2010.

I feel much better about my year when I look at it that way!  How did your year stack up?

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