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Slices of July

Did you have a good July? Can you believe it’s already over? It felt like we went from the Fourth of July one day and the next was like the 28th! It’s nice to take a minute to reflect on how the month sliced.

0 – Pounds gained or lost, again! This is the third first of the month that I’ve been the same weight to the tenth of the pound. I’m recommitting myself to tracking my food and logging it on the computer. It’s so easy for me to let the calorie intake sneak up when I don’t do that.

1 Evo conference! I’m still enjoying how much fun I had there – oh yeah, and all I learned. There was a lot of nurturing packed into those three days.

2 – Recipes added to Real Food for Real People. Yeah, it was my daughter – good thing one of us is plugging along with our goal.

3 – Books finished, including Mission Possible which I just finished last night. I’ll be reviewing it tomorrow and there will be a giveaway!

6 – Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama.

8 – Vacation days; fun family time (mostly).

10 – Days logging my food.

11Projects completed. Most of them were projects that took over an hour.

12 – Blog posts. Too much traveling and catching up from traveling.

15 – Scrapbook layouts finished and I’m still running behind this year!

648 – Page views; better than last month!

How did your month slice up? What’s your proudest accomplishment?

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Slices of January

2012 is one twelfth over!  How did your year start off?  I have ups and downs, but I’ve mostly stayed on track.  Here’s how my January was sliced.

1 book read, but I’m in the middle of four others.  Hopefully next month will look better.

1.8 pounds lost!  Logging my food and drinking lots of water has helped make progress on this goal.

2 recipes added to Real Food for Real People.  That’s twice as many as last month, which sounds much better than two.

6 articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama, including my latest Stop, Start and Continue.

12 challenge projects completed.

19 blog posts written.

29 days recording my food.  Only 16 of them made it on the website that calculates the number of calories, but even that is better than my goal of two times per week.

56 names added to my PAF file.

64 fortune cookies for our Chinese New Year Pack Meeting.

746 page views!

How did your month stack up?  Are you still working on those New Year’s goals?


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Friday Favorites: September 2

It’s Friday and a holiday weekend!  Woohoo!  What more could a girl ask for, except some 90 degree weather.  Oh well, two out of three isn’t bad.  I’ve already shared my favorites this week, a great book, a cute elephant, and a few more recipes on our Real Food blog.  Maybe I’ll get to do something other than homework this weekend and have some new things to share next week!  In the meantime, here’s some favorites from the blogosphere.

We might as well start off with the food.  It’s the perfect answer to a hectic week. (No wonder I have so much trouble losing weight.) I’ve always  wanted to try making Angel Food Cake from scratch.  My Favorite Recipes tells me how.

If you need a little chocolate, Your Cup of Cake hits the spot with these Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Cupcakes.

Moving away from the sweets, I wonder how my kids would react to these Spaghetti Dogs from Polka Dot.  I might have to try them for lunch this weekend.

No more food.  Check out this cute tutu lamp from Apothecary Home; it totally matches the tutu table from Sassy Sanctuary.  Not that it fits anyone’s style in my house…

My “style” seems to be more in line with Room Mom 101.  I think I need to check out these tattle tale helps.

What are your big labor day plans?

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