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Raingutter Regatta

For Cub Scouts, the Pinewood Derby will always be king.  Our Pack tried its first Raingutter Regatta and it was a fun, hands on competition.  I liked it because it was lower key than the Pinewood Derby.  I didn’t hear any dad’s grumbling about one lane over another, or anything like that.  The only rule the boys needed reminding of was to not touch their boat during the race; which is a little tricky.  If the boat tips, it needs to be turned upright, but some of the boys gave it a little something extra.

Since it was our first try, we weren’t sure how long the races would take especially since we only had two tracks compared to the four tracks we run at the Pinewood Derby.  We almost squeezed it into our allotted hour; although we ran a double elimination instead of the points system we used for Pinewood Derby.

My favorite part was seeing the boys creativity in decorating their boats.  We had some amazing flame paint jobs on a couple of the sails!

Keeping with an aquatic theme, we kept the prizes simple with bags of Red Swedish Fish.

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