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Family Home Evening: Testimony of Witnesses

Family home evening prophetWelcome to another Sunday’s family home evening.

Opening Song: Follow the Prophet


Scripture: 1 Nephi 17: 2-3

Lesson: Testimony of Witnesses

Read the Testimony of the Three Witnesses and Ether 5.

Read Doctrine and Covenants 17. What did the witnesses see? (verse 1 – it was more than just the plates.)

Read Doctrine and Covenants 14. David Whitmer was good friends with Oliver Cowdrey. Section 14 gives some insight to his involvement to the early church.

We thought it was interesting that the Lord planned on sharing the gold plates with three witnesses thousands of years before Joseph Smith even received them. I can only imagine what a huge relief it was to Joseph to no longer bear the burden of testifying of their existence alone.

Activity: Scattergories. We always have a couple of answers that make us laugh especially hard. One answer to sports equipment was the half court line. (I think that one got voted down.) Teeth as something you save up for did make the cut.

Closing Song: Popcorn Popping


Treat: White Chocolate Pretzel Cookies

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