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October Sliced

Fall has officially hit here in Arizona! It’s 64 degrees as I write this. I’ve been enjoying soups and chili all month and despite the five bowls of candy on my counter, I’m in the mood for some baking. Before I get too carried away with fall festivities, I better slice October!

Stack of books

0 – Books read. I’m close to finishing the one I started last month.

1 – Food day at work and way too many snacks to count.

2 – New team members at work.

2.2 – Pounds gained

3 – Super fun activities with my Cub Scouts

4 – People making a spontaneous batch of sauteed apples – Yum!

5 – Bowls of Halloween candyHalloween haul

10 – Push-ups this month

12 – Projects completed

15 – General Conference talks watched, even though I worked on Sunday

30 – Countries visited Easy As PIE

47 – States visited

66 – Words added to my book. That’s like two whole sentences!

100 – Percent on my training test at work, highest score in the class (or on my team)

881 – Page views to my poor neglected blog

Now that November’s half way over, I have finally sliced October. How did your month go and how is your new month going? Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Top posts in October:

Pizza Nachos

Thanksgiving Pack Meeting

Favorite Chili

Book Theme Party

FHE: Lehi’s Dream

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Slices of January

Last month I blamed Christmas for my lack of post, this month I had to come with a new excuse. I’ll get to that in a minute as I slice January.

1 – New job! Yep, that’s my excuse for lack of posting and anything else that’s going undone. Thank goodness it’s only a part time job or I’d never get anything done!

2 – Projects completed. (Pathetic)January taffy Hopefully I can do better this year.

3 – Books read; all of them by Lois Lowry. I can’t wait to share my reviews of The Giver series with you.

4 – Pounds lost! Goodbye holiday weight… and then some.

8 – Articles written, including our Candymakers Family Book Club.

10 – New SMART goals for 2013.

21 – Days of logging my food. I love it when it pays off!

44 – Countries visited the blog. That’s up from last month!

1017 – Words added to my book. That’s not up from last month.

1769 – Page views. Thanks for another record breaking month!

January’s Top Posts

  1. Book Theme Decorations
  2. Pinewood Derby
  3. FHE: Joseph Smith’s First Vision Revisited
  4. Native American Blue & Gold
  5. FHE: Plan of Salvation

How did your January go?


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Slices of September

Can you believe 2012 is 3/4 of the way over? I guess if you judged by the Christmas trees in the stores, you’d September is time to decoratethink it was even further along! But have no fear, you still have 85 shopping days until Christmas. So let’s see how September sliced up.

0 – Days logging food.

.2 – Pounds gained. I wonder if there is a correlation between that and not logging my food?

4 – Books read, including The Dragonfly Pool.

6 – Scrapbook layouts finished. I’m so far behind on my goal of finishing last year’s pictures by the end of next month. Anyone up for a scrapbook night?

7 – Articles written. Check out my latest, Fall Fun at the Park.

9Projects completed. Most of them were books I read. Where did the month go?

19 – Blog posts.

24French Toast Cupcakes made for a church activity.

1112 – Page views! Another record month, thanks to you.

3715 – Words added to my book.

Top 5 posts for September

  1. Book Theme Decorations
  2. FHE: Joseph Smith’s First Vision Revisited
  3. Sweet Shop / Nerf Top Shot Invitations
  4. FHE: Joseph Smith’s First Vision
  5. Family Photography Challenge

How did your September slice up?

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Slices of August

Labor day traditionally marks the end of summer, but here in Arizona most of our kids have been back to school for weeks and the heat will stretch out for weeks more. Regardless, August was a good month so let’s recap how it sliced.August scale

2 – Recipes on our Real Food for Real People blog. I actually posted one of them this time.

3.0 – Pounds lost! I already met my goal for the year.

5 – Books read. I finished Where the Heart Is the night of the 31st, but I still made it!

8 – Article posted, including our Princess Academy Family Book Club.

9 – Days logging my food. I’m surprised I did so well on my weight loss goals; it must have been the reduction in my treat intake.

15 – Projects completed. It felt like a very productive month.

25 – Blog posts. Now that’s more like it!

1091 – Page views. Thanks to you, I have a new record!

1597 – Words written during WOW, ANWA‘s Week Of Writing. I exceeded my goal and I’m very happy with my progress as long as I don’t think about how a few people did twice as many in one day!

Share your August successes. It so much more fun when we cheer each other on!

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