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Family Photography Club and Challenge

It’s been a while since we had our last photography club meeting. We started off with a brief lesson on depth of field and how to control it from my old photography text book. It can be controlled by the aperture setting, the focal length and your distance from the subject.

Next we chose a theme for our next club challenge. The winner from our last challenge was Perspective Piano. Photography club challenge winner

This time we went with a water theme. Here are the entries in no particular order.

Photography Club entry #1Air Bubbles

Photography Club entry #2Lava Water

Photography Club Entry #3Polar Bear Cave

Photography Club entry #4


We had a lot of fun with our challenge and now we want you to join in the fun too. Please leave a comment voting for your favorite water theme picture. We put quite a bit of stock into the bragging rights that comes from winning!

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Photography Club Challenge: Perspective Line

Our photography club met again, since it was Labor Day and the kids had the day off from school. Before I talk about our lesson and challenge, I’ll share the winners from our last challenge.  Yep, there was a tie and here are the winners.

Deer Wild

Food Please

First we pulled out my old college photography text book and discussed lenses, the long and the short of it.  Actually the best times to use long and short lenses.  Then we talked for a few minutes on perspective line, since that was the theme of this time’s challenge.  Once again, I am impressed by how differently we all see the same topic!  Without further ado, here are the submissions for this challenge.

A Measure of Strategem


What is It?


Wide than Narrow


Perspective Piano

Now it’s your turn to get involved, please leave a comment voting for your favorite Perspective Line photo!


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Photography Club: Wild

Our new and improved Photography Club was a success!  Thanks to all of you who voted. The photo with the most votes was Bright Flower.

The theme of our next challenge was wild.  We each had 10 minutes with the camera in Bass Pro Shop because you can’t get much more wild than that! 

All the Better to Eat You

Deer Wild

Food Please!
Masked Bandit

Please leave a comment to vote for your favorite Wild picture!

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Summer Bucket List

We’ve been brainstorming for the last couple of weeks, deciding what kind of fun activities we want to accomplish this summer.  I was surprised that our list had a slow start, but now it’s looking very healthy.
I made a pretty list and we’ll put a sticker by the ones we accomplish.  I probably should have done a little more research because one of our ideas was to go to an exhibit at the Center for Creative Photography at the U of A; but they are remodeling.  No exhibits until late August. 
What’s on your summer bucket list?
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