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Family Home Evening: Ponder

This week’s thoughtful Family Home Evening lesson was on pondering.  First what is pondering?  I always think of it as thinking deeply, but as we discussed what it means to ponder I realized it’s more than thinking deeply.

Pondering involves prayer and meditation, and it involves time.  Nephi teaches that pondering is the way to gaining revelation and knowledge.  This reminded me of Elder Scott’s talk where he shared an experience of receiving inspiration, pondering it and then asking if there was more the Lord wanted to share.  This cycle continued until Elder Scott felt impressed that the lesson was over for the time being. My journal is definitely a tool in my pondering process.

It took me a long time to be spiritually mature enough to consider the importance of pondering the scriptures and inspiration.  I’m impressed that my teenagers are already in tune with many of these things and I know as they gain experience their strong foundation will be a strength to them.

We played a few rounds of Phase 10 for our activity and enjoyed my favorite White Chocolate Pretzel Cookies. I’ve been doing really good at eating less sweets for the last couple of weeks – these broke my resolve!


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