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Friday Favorites: May 31

I’m not exactly sure where May went, but I’m happy to share my favorites from the week before moving on to June! We had a good week, full of lots of good things.

  • We had a blast a Flipside. Next time will be even better if we remember to wear closed toe shoes.

Flipside Favorites(Sandals are not allowed on the Crash Pods, in case you were wondering.)

  • After we emptied our play cards at Flipside, we headed to the mall and found some killer deals at Payless Shoes.
  • We finished off the evening by redeeming a ColdStone gift card from 2011. We’re quick like that!
  • The WordPress 10 year anniversary celebration! I’m kind of nerdy like that – and I want to learn more to make my blog better for you.
  • A fitness themed Pack Meeting. I was in charge of a relay race with spoons and tennis balls. I also got to show off my mad juggling skills.
  • I found some great continuing education classes through the local library. The $120 Quick Books class I was looking at through the local college was free! And there were tons to choose from.
  • One of my kiddos initiated a cleaning session!
  • This week I was blessed to participate in a soldier’s homecoming. They always make me cry. I’m so grateful for their sacrifice and that of their families. Some hadn’t seen each other for almost a year. I’m so glad they are home safely.
  • We filled our summer bucket list and even completed our first activity.

What are the highlights from your week?

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Friday Favorites: June 29

How’s 2012 going for you? I can’t believe the year is half over! How are those New Year’s resolutions progressing? We’ve had a fun filled week, here are my favorites.

  • Last weekend we visited Jesterz for some side splitting entertainment.
  • We had Pack Meeting this week, which included a tricycle race. I may or may not have challenged the other Cub Scout leaders.
  • I had a book club for the book Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. I’ll tell you more about this tough but interesting memoir soon.
  • A girls lunch at Paradise Bakery. It was good even though they took my favorite salad off the menu. I think I found a new favorite – besides the cream cheese brownie.
  • Family movie night – we watched Night at the Museum in honor of our New York City Summer Camp while eating my new homemade version of Sizzler’s Malibu Chicker.

I’m not the only one having fun; check out what I found on some of my favorite blogs.

Please share your favorites of the week!

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Friday Favorites: April 27

It’s the last Friday in April, and I’m peering down the barrel of a very busy month. If I can keep track of everything, it should be enjoyable. With everything going on, it’s easy to list my favorites.

  • Last weekend we had dinner at our awesome neighbor’s. She is a great cook and hostess. She cooked a turkey on her BBQ!
  • We had a campfire program at Pack Meeting. It was similar to last year as we retired another flag.
  • Ladies night out – we went to Organ Stop Pizza. Dinner, a show and good company.
  • I finished reading the Sisters Grimm and started The Queen of Attolia.

There are some other favorites on some favorite blogs.

  • The Gunny Sack has been doing a series on photography. Today I read about ISO settings.
  • Forth of July is a ways off, but these firecracker popcorn bags are so cute.
  • I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do love a good coffee cake. This Dark Chocolate Coffee Cake from In Katrina’s Kitchen sounds tasty.

Share your favorite of the moment!


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Chinese New Year Pack Meeting

Since our Pack Meeting was shortly after the start of Chinese New Year, we used that theme to go with our Positive Attitude Character Connection.  I shared my plans in our Cub Committee Meeting.  Not only did the dens take care of their assignments, the Bears and Webelos also made some really cool paper dragons to display at Pack Meeting.

The Webelos were in charge of the gathering activity this month.  They deciphered a few Chinese sayings.  We introduced our theme and Character Connection with a brief history of the Chinese New Year and some qualities of people born in the Year of the Dragon.  I named a few famous “Dragons”; for some reason Chuck Norris got the biggest response from the audience.  Part of the Chinese New Year celebration includes positive wishes for family and friends, and casting away grudges.  Just like our New Year celebration, it is a fresh start full of hope and possibilities.

Our parent training focused on the purposes of advancement.

  • Build your son’s self-esteem
  • Build his self –reliance
  • Give positive recognition
  • Bring a boy closer to his family

Advancing through Cub Scouts creates stronger Boy Scouts and increases the likelihood of boys earning their Eagle Scout rank.  The statistics are staggering on the ratio of Eagle Scouts to missionaries, astronauts and Navy Seals!  Most of all we want to give our sons the tools to be good men.

The Bears tickled our funny bone with their digging to China skit.  Note to self: have boys hand their noise makers to their parents at the end of the skit.

We were fortunate to have a bunch of awards, including four Wolf advancements, a Webelos advancement and crossover ceremony.

After all that, we spent a few minutes playing Catch the Dragon’s Tail while the parents met with the Den Leaders to review the advancement requirements for their specific den.

We finished up the evening with fortune cookies for everyone.

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