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Nurturing Voices

As I continue to nurture myself, I noticed the voices in my head.  Not the crazy ones; but that internal conversation we all have as we go through our day.  One morning I was feeling particularly low, and I realized that the most upbeat Bubbly Betty would deflate with the beating I was giving myself. I needed to switch out the bad for some nurturing voices.

I know the importance of positive self talk, and I was surprised to catch myself so deeply entrenched in the opposite.  Once I’m down there, it can be hard to climb out.  I have found a few tools to help me get back in the light.

  • List off the positive things I’ve done today.  Sometimes it’s as simple as I read scriptures with my children and got them off to school, I exercised, I did laundry.  Just the act of looking for the good about myself helps diminish all that’s wrong with me.
  • Write my thoughts down.  These thoughts aren’t usually something I want to keep in my journal for posterity, but just the process of letting it out helps tremendously – then I can burn it!
  • Exercise clears my head and distracts those negative voices.  Who can be sad when your loving your body with movement?
  • Read something uplifting, whether it’s the scriptures, the Ensign or a spiritually inclined book.  Tight now I’m reading Max Lucado’s Just Like Jesus. Sometimes the escape of a good fiction helps, but spiritual books leave me with a feeling that lasts a little longer.

Now that I’m aware, I can pull from my arsenal to get me out of that trench and get back to nurturing the only me I have – these tools are much more effective than chocolate!  How do you turn around those down days?


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