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National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing MonthNational Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo ended Friday. While I had high hopes, I knew writing the 50,000 words to win was a long shot. I would have considered myself a winner if I hit 10% of that. Alas, I fell short of that goal too. (Why do they have NaNoWriMo in November? There has to be a less busy month!)

On the bright side, I did over 700 words better than last year and completed 6%. Also I wrote more in November than I have since I started keeping track. Ironically, now that NanoWriMo is over, I wrote almost 1100 words today! Apparently my desire to finish my current chapter for my ANWA group is stronger motivation than National Novel Writing Month. Happily I finished said chapter this morning.

Maybe a more realistic goal is to finish my novel before next year’s NaNoWriMo competition. While I’m dreaming, maybe I’ll finish 5000 words next year!

Did you NaNo this year? Any winners out there?

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Slices of November

I’ve got the tree up, decorated it yesterday, and there’s even gifts under it thanks to my mother in law. But it still doesn’t feel like December. Maybe if I mentally slice November that will help! It didn’t work great last month, but I’ll try again.November baby

.2 – Pounds gained in November. (I’m blaming it on Thanksgiving and White Chocolate Pretzel Cookies.)

2 – Days at Time Out for Women. It was a nice getaway!

3 – Books read. My favorites were The Candymakers or A Timeless Romance Anthology. (At least I narrowed it down by one!)

4 – Articles written, including Top 3 Toddler Gift Ideas featuring my grandson!

5 – Christmas movies watched. Isn’t that one of the best parts of Christmas?

6Projects completed (7 if you count the one I crossed of my list without doing it).

12 – Blog posts written.

15 – Pounds of turkey cooked on Thanksgiving. He was so cute and kind of little for our family.

48 – Rolls made for Thanksgiving dinner.

50 – States that visited my blog.

52 – Countries represented!

1454 – Page views! Thank you for another new record.

3148 – Words added to my book. I didn’t win NaNoWriMo, but I did better than last year. At this rate, it will only take me 27 years to actually win!

Share your successes from November!


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Friday Favorites: November 9

Can you believe there are less than two weeks until Thanksgiving? I’m still trying to mentally prepare for Halloween! I guess I better buy a turkey before I blink and it’s December. Let’ see if I can get my brain around this week’s favorites.Nano favorites

  • I spent last weekend at Time Out for Women. What an amazing recharge! I think the laughing and crying (the good kind) were pretty well balanced.
  • The election is over! No more campaign ads!
  • Another great ANWA meeting.
  • I’ve been Nanoishing along, which means I’m writing regularly but not 2000 words a day. I don’t need to win, I’m just hoping to hit 10%.
  • I had a job interview that I thought went very well. I’ll know if the prospective employer agrees in the next couple of weeks.
  • A great Relief Society dinner. The food was good and the company was even better!

Time’s short these days, but I found a few favorites on some of my favorite blogs.

  • If Thanksgiving is close, that means Christmas is just a couple of days behind (at least it feels that way). Family Chic has a cute and easy Sweater Tree project that has me wondering if I have any sweaters I’m ready to recycle.
  • Now that the decorations are covered, I {Heart} Naptime has a cute jar gift idea.
  • To keep the ideas from being too Christmas heavy, Chef in Training has 30 soup, chili and chowder recipes.

Share your Friday Favorite!

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Friday Favorites: November 2

Welcome to November! It’s time to pack away the Jack-o-lanterns and ghosts and get out the cornucopia and scarecrows. Most of this week’s favorites focused on Halloween.Costume favorites

While I’m not working on my novel, I’ll share some of my online favorites!

  • The cooler weather has me thinking of soups like this Creamy Potato and Ham from I {heart} Naptime.
  • Before you move on to Thanksgiving everything, check out this list of free Veterans Day events in the greater Phoenix area on Arizona Mama!

OK, that’s all you get. I need to get some writing done! What are your favorites this fine Friday?

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