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May 2015 Review

May was busy, but at least it was a good busy unlike April. The month was full of celebrations from a wedding to birthdays and graduations. Oh yeah and Mother’s Day was thrown in the mix for good measure.

May buffet0 – Weight lost, also the amount of weight gained – so there’s that

1 – New dishwasher!

2 – New lenses

4 – Other moms who enjoyed a Mother’s Day brunch with me

6 – Bras for $30 shipped from Zuilily

9 – Celebrations, all those birthdays and graduations – I even posted my favorite graduation speech on YouTube

13 – Projects completed, most of them were celebration related!

24 – Tables decorated for a friends wedding, which was a great way to spend time with my girls

May Squat Challenge31 – Pictures on Instagram

47 – Countries that visited the blog

178 – Words added to my book, the celebrating cut into my writing time

618 – Pageviews on Just Wanna Be Me

1640 – Squats completed in the month of May

All in all, May was a good month with many happy moments to celebrate with family and friends. I must admit, I wouldn’t mind if June was a little more lo-key.

Share your plans for June!

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Slices of May

I’m recapping May one day earlier than last month. At this rate, !I’ll be back on schedule in a couple of months! It sounds like a good plan, or maybe it’s more like  dream. Well, this post is about looking back, not predicting the future. May Bucket

1 – Article written. I actually wrote two, but my latest, Summer Bucket List Challenge, wasn’t live on Today’s Mama until a couple of days ago.

1.2 – Pounds gained in May. That’s totally the wrong direction. Of coarse, the day after my official reading, I was back to where I was at the beginning of April. Overall, I’m still doing good this year. But May’s hiccup was a good reminder to rein in the snacks and late night eating.

3 – Job interviews. I even got a job from one of them!

8 – Blog posts written. So much better than last month, but so far to go to where I want to be!

10 – Books behind schedule on my GoodReads goal. I did finish reading The Chronicles of Egg: New Lands. I’m hoping to post a review next week.

13 – Social events. The end of the school year, among other things, added a bunch of activities to my calendar. We had concerts, awards ceremonies and even a art show. On top of the kids activities, I went to a celebration for WordPress 10th anniversary.

16 Projects completed. Most of them took less than an hour, but I’m feeling very productive.

29 – Countries visited my blog. Well not the whole country, but at least one person from each of the 29 countries stopped by my blog.

44 – States represented in my blog visitors.

719 – Words added to my book. I finished 70% of May’s month’s goal. If I don’t make my goal this month, I’m going to have to ground myself from Facebook or something!

911 – Page views.

The top post from May were:

  1. Book Theme Party Decorations
  2. Family Home Evening: Joseph Smith’s First Vision Revisited
  3. Cub Scout Annual Planning Meeting
  4. Sweet Shop and Nerf Top Shot Invitations
  5. Family Home Evening: Joseph Smith’s First Vision
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Slices of May

Was it just me or did May swoosh by for anyone else. There was so much going on I had a harder than usual time keeping up! Here’s how it sliced!

1 – Associate Degree for me! This has been a goal I’ve worked on for over two decades (yes, I’m slow)! It is definitely a part of this year’s word – Nurture.

2 – Recipes added to Real Food for Real People; one of them was even mine!

3.2 – Pounds lost!

4 – Books read, including Queen of Attolia, King of Attolia, Daughters of Jared and The Lost Conspiracy.

7 – Article written for The Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama, including my latest the Angry Birds Party.

9 – Flavors of cheesecake sampled from The Cheesecake Factory. What an excellent girls night out!

11 – Scrapbook layouts finished.

15Projects complete. I’ve never met the original goal, but 15 is good for me!

16 – Blog posts.

42 – Names added to my Personal Ancestral File.

624 – Page views.

I’d love to hear how your May sliced up!


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