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March Review

March Field tripApril is more than half over and has been kicking my tushy! Before the month gets away from me or takes me out completely, I’d like to share my March review.

1 – Day celebration for Spring Break. We explored Arizona Falls and had lunch at the Golden Corral, I think grown up should automatically get two weeks off too!

1 – That one pound I lost last month, I found it again. Boo!

3 – Events; writing group, Tempe Festival of the Arts, and a Blog Meetup

4 – Projects complete

5 – Hours of interviews for my son to work at a camp this summer, yes I am a good mom and I got lots of studying done

6 – Tickets to the Improv to celebrate a family birthday

14 – Pieces of clothing from the thrift store, I like to call them treasures

March treat21 – French Toast cupcakes (too bad the link isn’t active or I would share)

27 – Instagram pix

739- Blog page views, Utah loves me

1090 – Words added to my new book, that’s more than a fifth of my 2015 goal in one month

Overall March was good and productive, I’m hoping I can say the same about April in the next couple of weeks. I would love to hear about how your month is going and the goals you are achieving!

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Slices of March

I survived tax season 2013! I know it’s pretty sad to be summing up March in the middle of April, but better late than never. Here’s the numbers behind how my month went.Science Center in March

.8 – Pounds lost. It’s not much, but it’s better than last month!

1 – Article written. I took a month off from the Homemaking Cottage and still only managed my Paper Bag Kite article for Arizona Mama. I am on pace to double that this month.

3.14 – Day we spent at the Science Center. Yep, we are that kind of nerdy.

4 – Saturday weigh ins with my friends. It’s amazing how some girl time makes standing on the scale a lot more fun, even on the bad weeks.

5 – Books read, and I’m still four books behind on my Goodreads goal. I think my favorite for the month was Airman by Eoin Colfer – and we had a fun family book club after everyone finished it.March favorite book

6 – Projects completed.

8 – Ladies dining for our girls night out. I even talked them into going to Frost Gelato afterwards.

11 – Days logging the food I ate. I need to get back in that habit this month.

24 – Hard boiled eggs to dye, although one of my kiddos opted to leave one white.

28 – Countries visited Easy As PIE (at least people from 28 countries).

46 – States represented as Easy As PIE visitors. Apparently I’m not very popular in Montana.

812 – Words added to my book. I am going to finish it this year! (unless I keep getting distracted)

1228 – Words added to my short story. I actually finished the rough draft and read the first couple of pages to my critique group. Now to decide on where to focus my attention, finishing my book or editing my story? Actually I just need to focus on writing :)

1261 – Page views. Thank you for visiting!

March’s Top Posts

  1. Book Theme Party Decorations
  2. Family Home Evening: Joseph Smith’s First Vision Revisited
  3. Native American Blue & Gold
  4. Sweet Shop & Nerf Top Shot Invitations
  5. Family Home Evening: Joseph Smith’s First Vision

What goals did you meet or miss for March?

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Slices of March

March is gone, so it must be time to slice up the month and see my progress on those New Year’s resolution and  any other fun stuff.

.8 – Pounds lost.  That must account for the 1/2 inch I lost from my waist!

1 – Scrapbook layout finished.  I definitely need to pick up the pace in this area.

3 – Books read, including The Lost German Slave Girl, City of Lies and The Thief.

6 – Article written for The Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama, including my latest about the Phoenix Zoo.

13Projects completed

16 – Blog posts

20 – Days recording my food eaten, only 6 were logged on the website.  I need to get back on track here too.

660 – Page views

How did you slice your month and what do you have in store for April?

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Counting March

I know it’s normally March numbered, but I switched it up to Counting March for the A to Z Blog Challenge. Any of my numbers that I’m disappointed in, I’m blaming Spring Break.

1 – Number of pounds gained. I have two words for you, Spring Break!  Actually I think the culprit is not tracking my food.  I will be jumping back on that band wagon.
2 – Books read.  Eragon and These Is My Words.
4 – Piano practices, and they were wimpy ones at that! (It’s Spring Break’s fault)
5- Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama (Spring Break)
7 – Family history names verified
8 – Scrapbook layouts finished (I could have finished those last two, but … you guessed it, Spring Break)
14 – Challenge projects finished (Spring Break)
23 – Blog posts, not too bad considering it was Spring Break
1183 – Page views!  Thanks to you not slacking over Spring Break, it’s a new record.

I also use my monthly review to check how I’m doing on my New Year’s resolutions.  I’m making slow progress with my goals.  I’m finding peace in my search for direction.

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