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Lost German Slave Girl Book Club

Last week we discussed the Lost German Slave Girl by John Bailey for our book club. Slavery is one of those subjects that I shy away from – there are so many other happier topics! So I must admit, there are a lot of aspects of slavery I haven’t given much thought to, like who owns a slave woman’s baby. This book also discusses a lot of history of New Orleans.  Once again I found myself wondering how I did so well in school but know so little history?

The book is about a group of immigrants that are bamboozled out of their life savings; their only opportunity to get to America is to agree to become servants upon their arrival. Families were usually separated upon arrival. A member of the group stumbles upon a woman she knew from the voyage – only now she’s a slave.

Even though I was sad to read how inhumane people can be, I was intrigued by the history and human nature. The subject matter was sometimes hard to get through, but the biggest downfall for our little group is the writing style of the first nine chapters. The story gets lost in the history and law. The teenagers in the group couldn’t stick with it until the ‘good part’ started.

The adults all agreed about the beginning, but still enjoyed the book overall and walked away with greater knowledge.

We ended our evening on a sweet note with Andes Brownies!

What’s your book club reading now?

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Friday Favorites: February 10

Is everyone ready for Valentine’s Day?  We still have to finish up cards, shopping and complete a craft project.  Hopefully we have a productive weekend!  Here’s this week’s favorites:

  • My hubby and I went to a fun Valentine party at church.  Let’s just say there may or may not be incriminating evidence of me dancing. To the left, to the left… Fortunately I had the dance down since I learned it at one of my kiddo’s Disco Party.
  • We finally got a trip in to the library and the book store.
  • I finished reading Museum of Thieves for our upcoming book club.  I’ve already started on our next book, The Lost German Slave Girl.  It’s an intriguing story; I’ll let you know what I think when i finish it.

I also have a few favorite blog posts!

  • I love the SITS Girls Blog Critiques.  They have another new one today.
  • Garlands are so festive; Life as a Thrifter’s posted a great collection of garland ideas.
  • Somewhat Simple has a great idea for a clothing swap.
  • Your Homebased Mom has some Chocolate Lava Cupcakes that might be just the ticket for our Valentine’s day dessert.

Share your favorites of the week, from real life or from your favorite blog.

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