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July Sliced

I keep thinking next month my life will get back to normal. After 4 months, I’m still not ready to give up hope. I started a new job and shouldn’t have to move again for a year – so yeah I’m hoping by the end of August my life will feel a lot more settled. Until then, let’s see how July sliced.

0 – Articles written. I’m hoping to fix that this month.

1 – Blog post. This month I’ll try to move past my month in review post.

2 – Moves; one into someone’s garage and then another to my own house – all within a week!

3 – Books read. Let’s not mention that one was a picture book I need to review.

4 – Pounds lost. At least all that stress was good for something!

5 – Days of being homeless. I’m grateful for friends who opened their house to me and the army of helpers that moved my stuff both times. It is nice to have my own address again.

8 – Days at my new job. That’s a lot of training!

30 – Countries visiting my blog

45 – States visiting.

105 – Words added to my new book. It’s not much, but I’ll take what I can get.

1353 – Page views.

Top Posts of July

  1. Pizza Nachos
  2. Book Theme Party Decorations
  3. Cub Scout Annual Planning Meeting
  4. Plan of Salvation Family Home Evening
  5. Joseph Smith First Vision Family Home Evening

I know August is half over, but how did your July stack up?

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Slices of July

Did you have a good July? Can you believe it’s already over? It felt like we went from the Fourth of July one day and the next was like the 28th! It’s nice to take a minute to reflect on how the month sliced.

0 – Pounds gained or lost, again! This is the third first of the month that I’ve been the same weight to the tenth of the pound. I’m recommitting myself to tracking my food and logging it on the computer. It’s so easy for me to let the calorie intake sneak up when I don’t do that.

1 Evo conference! I’m still enjoying how much fun I had there – oh yeah, and all I learned. There was a lot of nurturing packed into those three days.

2 – Recipes added to Real Food for Real People. Yeah, it was my daughter – good thing one of us is plugging along with our goal.

3 – Books finished, including Mission Possible which I just finished last night. I’ll be reviewing it tomorrow and there will be a giveaway!

6 – Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama.

8 – Vacation days; fun family time (mostly).

10 – Days logging my food.

11Projects completed. Most of them were projects that took over an hour.

12 – Blog posts. Too much traveling and catching up from traveling.

15 – Scrapbook layouts finished and I’m still running behind this year!

648 – Page views; better than last month!

How did your month slice up? What’s your proudest accomplishment?

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