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Family Home Evening: Choose the Right

Choose the Right – three little words that sound so easy but all of us sometimes struggle with actually following the admonition.  For this week’s Family Home Evening lesson we talked about doing what we should even when we rather not.

The example brought up was writing in our journal.  I have a testimony of the importance of journal writing and there have been recent Conference talks that show that the Lord desires us to write in our journals.  It means so much to me that I instituted Journal Time – a few minutes every night before bed dedicated to writing five things for which we are grateful.  Since my children haven’t developed their own testimony of this commandment, they can finish journal time in less than a minute.  It doesn’t take that long to write the date and five words.

My daughter challenged us to choose the right of our own accord, for ourselves.  I also added that if we spend the time learning why Heavenly Father gave the commandment and the blessings promised, we might be more motivated to follow it.  With the journal example, they know why the commandment is there.  Another way to help us want to choose the right is to look at our obedience as a gift to Heavenly Father; a way to show our love for him.

We all have our pet sins that are hard for us to let go or move past.  This lesson hit home with each member of our family and encouraged us to keep pursuing excellence.

Our treat was one of my favorites – lemon bars.  I know, when it comes to treats I have a lot of favorites.  We finished our evening with several hands of Harry Potter Uno.

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General Conference Excitement

General Conference is this weekend!  Not only do I love Conference, I love that my kiddos love Conference.  When they were younger, we tried to help them focus and not get bored by having them color pictures of who was talking or what that person was talking about.  We had the older kiddos take notes of what each speaker talked about.  That worked for us.

Since them some clever people have made it easier on us by putting together coloring sheets and activity pages.  We have a couple of activities we’ve added to our weekend to make it extra special.  In the mornings we have bingo sheets.  We place an M&M on the words we hear.  When we get a bingo, we eat an M&M and start over.  Our afternoon game is similar, we have a list of words with corresponding snacks.  Whenever we hear one of the words, we get the snack.  One year there was a great talk about love that about drained our cup of M&M’s!

I also like to have special breakfasts on Conference days.  This is a busy week, so I’m keeping the plans simple unless one of the older kiddos has time to do some baking.

I know that’s a lot of food, but we really like food around here.  I’m willing to enjoy yummy food to help build an atmosphere of excitement about conference. What do you do to make Conference special?

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