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Friday Favorites: May 24

Favorite restuarant

I’m back once again with Friday Favorites! It’s been a fun, but busy week (or 8).

  • Lunch at one of my favorite restaurants with a couple of friends!
  • We’ve had fun with the end of school year events. Another mom said those things make May as busy as December! We’ve had a band concert, a choir concert, awards dinners and ceremonies, an art show and some other stuff. That didn’t happen all this week, but all this month. It’s good to see my kiddos involved, it just makes for a crazy month.
  • We got a new board game based off the Hunger Games. It was pretty fun once we figured out the rules.
  • I finally did some writing! I have a Spring into Action article over at Today’s Mama.
  • I also added over 250 words to my book.
  • I even did a little editing.
  • Book club is always fun!
  • We started brain storming for this year’s summer bucket list. The Happy Family Movement is having a Summer Bucket List Challenge to inspire to families to build great memories together this summer. After last year’s fiasco, I’m looking forward to some encouragement for a better summer.

What did you do this week that made your Friday Favorites list?

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Friday Favorites: August 10

Yeah it’s Friday! Weekends are such a nice way to end good weeks. I can’t wait to share my favorites with you – so I won’t.

  • Lunch with a friend at Joe’s Farm Grill. I love the BBQ Chicken Pizza!
  • Our Pack had it’s annual planning meeting. We’re going to have a great year! I’m especially looking forward to our upcoming circus theme.
  • I finished several cleaning projects this week. The work might not have been my favorite, but I like having a clean fridge!
  • I finished reading Sherlock Holmes.
  • We tried a couple of new recipes – homemade pot stickers and tamales. The pot stickers were more work than the ones I buy at Costco, but they have potential to be amazing. I’d help someone assemble tamales again, but I don’t think I’ll be heading up that big of a project anytime soon!
  • The winner of the book Mission Possible is Beth from OMG! Yummy. Thanks to everyone who participated.

I can’t not share my favorites from the blogosphere too!

  • Nathan Bransford started a great conversation about book reviews getting to nice. Do you think honesty is being sacrificed for nice?
  • I love that Hillary Weeks’ husband is a good sport and gets a pedicure with his girls.
  • I’ve done pretty well this week with cutting back on treats (only 3 so far!), but Bakers Royal is testing my resolve with her Snickers Coffee Cake.

What are your favorites today?

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Friday Favorites: October 14

The weather warmed up again.  I think it stayed just under 100 degrees and the kids have enjoyed plenty of outdoor time.  It’s been another busy week here and I’ve enjoyed several favorites!

  • Hiking followed by dinner at Joe’s Farm Grill.
  • School’s done!  I took my final this week. Hopefully I can get my life back!
  • I found Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies on Pinterest and we made them this week for my Cub Scout Committee meeting.  They were very good, but a little goes a long way.  My kids also thought they’d taste better on my homemade brownies.
  • Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Spice Cookies!  My mom and I went in and drooled over all the fun toys – OK I drooled while she patiently played along.  We both enjoyed the samples.

I wasn’t the only one having fun this week.  Here’s a sampling of what else is going on in the blogosphere.

  • To make sure pumpkin everything isn’t taking over, I {heart} Naptime shares 18 apple recipes.  I’ve been craving apple cider, and now I have more yummy things to try!
  • But if you are stuck on pumpkin, these Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes from Your Cup of Cake are beautiful!
  • Or we could skip fruits and veggies in any form and go for Bakers Royale’s Cinnamon Roll Cookies.

Now it’s your turn to share the highlights of your week!

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Friday Favorites: September 16

It’s Friday and September is half over!  It’s almost Christmas, but I’m not worried since I’ve actually started my Christmas shopping.  Sorry that was for my mom, she hates hearing about how I get started early.  Not only is September half over, so is my Nutrition class.  I took my mid-term yesterday.  I think my instructor gave me the wrong study guide because the stuff on the test is not what I’ve been studying all week!  On to things more favorite than my class.

  • I’m so excited about my book club next week.  What should I make for dessert?  I lent out my copy of the book, so I can’t flip it through for some ideas.
  • Pinterest – I know I’m slow on the bandwagon, but better late than never.  It is so much fun seeing all the pretty things!
  • Kids – Last night one of my kiddos corrected me when I called the napkin square; it’s actually a rectangle by about a half inch.  This morning another kiddo wished we could breath in through our noses while breathing out through our mouths so we wouldn’t have to stop to take a breath.  I don’t think this has ever been a problem for me.  My kids definitely keep me laughing!
  • Tomorrow I’m going to Joe’s Farm Grill for Hello there! house meet and greet.

As usual, I have some favorites from my RSS feed too!

  • Since I’m chomping at the bit for fall, these Apple Toffee Blondies from Cookies & Cups are calling my name.  Maybe I should make them for my book club.   Her spider cake is cute too!
  • This card sketch from Got Sketch? makes wish I had time to enjoy card making again.  Maybe in four weeks when I finish my class.

I better stop playing on the computer and get my homework done so I can actually spend time with my family this weekend.  What are your big plans?

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