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Scumble Book Review

Scumble by Ingrid LawSavvy by Ingrid Law was so much fun I had to read and do a book review on the sequel, Scumble! Just like the first book, this is a fun middle grade book full of twists and turns that left me eager to see where the roller coaster ride would end.

It’s nine years after Savvy, and Mibs’ cousin Ledge is on the verge of turning thirteen. More than anything, he wants the power to run like the wind. But when his birthday comes, he discovers that his savvy is actually making things fall apart. It starts out with small things, but then it gets worse. To top it all off, someone outside the family has witnessed his destruction. Now, in addition to trying to figure out how to control – or scumble – his savvy, he’s got to worry about how to protect the family secrets. Over the course of one amazing summer, Ledge learns a lot about himself and his family, makes a new – and very unlikely – friend, and learns to appreciate his newfound skills. {Amazon}

Savvy by Ingrid LawI really need to start reading the back cover before I start reading books. At the beginning of Scumble I was thrown off because Mibs wasn’t the main character, instead it was her cousin Ledge and it was nine years later. Mibs does make a cameo appearance and we get to know some of her other siblings better. After I adjusted my expectations, I enjoyed this book almost as much as Savvy.

There were some similarities between the two books as both Mibs and Ledge struggle to accept and adjust to their new talents while wrestling with teen romances. Although Mibs did seem to handle her time with more maturity – maybe it’s a girl thing. I love watching Ledge learn to turn his destructive savvy into something amazing! I give this book four slices.

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Savvy Book Review

We read Savvy by Ingrid Law for our last family book club. I shared the details of our fun meeting over at Arizona Mama and I thought I’d share my book review itself here.

Thirteen is when a Beaumont’s savvy hits—and with one brother who causes hurricanes and another who creates electricity, Mibs Beaumont is eager to see what she gets. But just before the big day, Poppa is in a terrible accident. And now all Mibs wants is a savvy that will save him. In fact, Mibs is so sure she’ll get a powerful savvy that she sneaks a ride to the hospital on a rickety bus with her sibling and the preacher’s kids in tow. After this extraordinary adventure—full of talking tattoos and a kidnapping—not a soul on board will ever be the same.

Even though the main character, Mibs, is only thirteen this story didn’t feel overly ‘young’. Many of her concerns, worries and experiences are universal – except her family’s savvies. She deals with middle school angst of feeling like an outcast, budding romance and concern for her family.

My favorite part was the romance with the preacher’s son who has a secret of his own. The plot zigged and zagged as Mibs and her brother Fish tried to control their savvies. Not only were there not any dull moments, but the whole book was so full of personality!

This book was a fun, easy read for our family as we laughed and escaped to an alternate universe with those with special gifts. I give this book five slices and look forward to the next book in the series, Scumble.

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