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Slices of April

April flew by in a breeze of activity.  I’ve checked my focus on my word of the year – Nurture. I had to go look up which word I chose, and smiled at how appropriate that word is this year. Despite the busyness and challenges, I feel like I’m on the right path. Here’s how this month sliced!

1 – Book destroyed for our book theme party decorations.

1.2 – Pounds lost in March and another 1/4 inch in my waist!

3 – Recipes added to our Real Food for Real People blog, thanks to my daughter.

6 – Articles written for The Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama.  Be sure to check out my latest, Book Theme Birthday Party and see how we used the awesome decorations.

7 – Books read! I’ve been a reading machine and I already finished one in May! Court Duel was my favorite for the month.

8 – Scrapbook layouts completed

12Projects finished

16 – Blog posts

21 – Days logging my food, 12 were logged on the calorie counting website.

33 – Names added to my PAF (Personal Ancestral File)

590 – Page views for April

How did you slice your month?

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Slices of March

March is gone, so it must be time to slice up the month and see my progress on those New Year’s resolution and  any other fun stuff.

.8 – Pounds lost.  That must account for the 1/2 inch I lost from my waist!

1 – Scrapbook layout finished.  I definitely need to pick up the pace in this area.

3 – Books read, including The Lost German Slave Girl, City of Lies and The Thief.

6 – Article written for The Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama, including my latest about the Phoenix Zoo.

13Projects completed

16 – Blog posts

20 – Days recording my food eaten, only 6 were logged on the website.  I need to get back on track here too.

660 – Page views

How did you slice your month and what do you have in store for April?

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November Numbered

The holidays are in full swing and we are loving it!  The cool weather is here and we are basking in our reward for those 110 degree days. In amongst the celebrations, we kept busy.  Here’s my November numbers.

.2 – Pounds lost.  I lost what I gained last month, even with Thanksgiving!

1 – Application submitted for my Associates degree!  I should be walking in cap and gown come next May!

3 – Recipes added to our Real Food for Real People blog.

10 – Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama.

16 – Scrapbook layouts finished. The best part is I finish last years pictures!

18 – Challenge projects completed.

21 – Blog posts.

1112 – Page views!

2400 – Words written for National Novel Writing Month.  Not the 50,000 I was shooting for, but it is a start.

Overall it was a good month.  How was your month?  Did you meet your goals?

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September Numbered

September’s gone and the holiday season is officially beginning around here.  We pulled the Halloween decorations out of the closet yesterday.  Hopefully we’ll get them up today.  My house will be be decorated from now until January.  Before I embrace the October, I’ll sum up the month past.

1 – Super fun meeting for our new book club.

2 – Books read.  Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders and  I finally finished the Old Testament.

2.2 – Pounds gained!  I’m so disappointed, but it’s understandable with all my snacking trying to stay awake while reading hours worth of a dry nutrition text book.  Ironic, I know.

3 – Family history names checked for accuracy.

4 – Articles written for Arizona Mama and The Homemaking Cottage.  That nutrition class ate into my writing time too.

8 – Chapters read in my nutrition text book.

9 – Nutrition labs completed.

10Challenge projects completed.

11 – Recipes added to Real Food for Real People.  Granted that wasn’t all my doing, but I’m still excited to see our collection grow.

12 – Scrapbook layouts completed.

20 – Nutrition assignments completed.

1541 – Page views.  I’m surprised at how many are still from my old domain.

There are way too many school related numbers for September!  Only a couple more weeks left until my life can get back to “normal”. How did your month add up?


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