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The Gold Locket

Here’s the second story in this week’s series from my mother in law.

The Gold Locket

When Mom and Dad were young  and raising us seven children, they had a group of friends in the neighborhood they would get  together with frequently.

My favorite, I lovingly called Uncle Lamar.  He had a daughter my same age named Virginia Lee.  The said you could not tell us apart, especially from the back.  Our mothers would fashion little finger curls in the back of our little blonde heads.

When we were about 18 months old, Virginia Lee died of pneumonia.  Everyone was heartbroken, especially Uncle Lamar.  But, somehow it seemed that my resemblance to her, helped ease the loneliness.  Watching me grow up, we became very close.

When I was just about eight years old, my uncle gave me a hug, and told me what a big girl I was; then whispered in my ear, “On your eighth birthday, I am going to give you a gold locket!  Now let’s keep this our secret.”  Well, I did and I thought about it some, when I turned eight and then again when I turned nine.  But nothing was said about the locket until I was nearing twelve.  Once again when our families were together, I got another hug from my uncle, and once again he noticed how grown up I was becoming.  He whispered in my ear, “Cathie, you are getting so pretty, and you are almost a young lady now.  When you turn sixteen, I am going to give you a gold locket.”  Well I was not going to count on it, but he had sincerity in his voice.  I figured that there was hope because a girl younger than that probably wouldn’t have appreciated it as much.

Nothing more was said until just before my marriage, and of course my very much loved uncle promised me another gold locket for my wedding day.  I remember thanking him and never saying or hoping about it anymore.

Years later, as I stood by his hospital bed, as he was nearing the end of his mortal existence, he gave me what was to be my final hug.  “Cathie” he said, “you have always been such a pretty girl and now you are such a good mother.”  Then he asked, “Do you remember the gold locket I gave you when you were a little girl?”

“Remember it” I replied, “I still have it; I will always wear it close to my heart.”

Cathern Davis Roberts

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