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October Sliced

Fall has officially hit here in Arizona! It’s 64 degrees as I write this. I’ve been enjoying soups and chili all month and despite the five bowls of candy on my counter, I’m in the mood for some baking. Before I get too carried away with fall festivities, I better slice October!

Stack of books

0 – Books read. I’m close to finishing the one I started last month.

1 – Food day at work and way too many snacks to count.

2 – New team members at work.

2.2 – Pounds gained

3 – Super fun activities with my Cub Scouts

4 – People making a spontaneous batch of sauteed apples – Yum!

5 – Bowls of Halloween candyHalloween haul

10 – Push-ups this month

12 – Projects completed

15 – General Conference talks watched, even though I worked on Sunday

30 – Countries visited Easy As PIE

47 – States visited

66 – Words added to my book. That’s like two whole sentences!

100 – Percent on my training test at work, highest score in the class (or on my team)

881 – Page views to my poor neglected blog

Now that November’s half way over, I have finally sliced October. How did your month go and how is your new month going? Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

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General Conference is Coming!

This weekend is one of my favorites!  I love our semi-annual General Conference.  It is our time to spiritually feast; OK, we do quite a bit of physical feasting too. We’ve planned our special conference breakfasts – Chocolate Muffins and Cinnamon Rolls (out of a can). One homemade breakfast and one easy breakfast, that sounds fair to me!

This year I’m going to have the kiddos help choose the topics for our Conference Activity. Then I’ll be sure to stock up on snacks for our special topics.

We talked about feasting upon the word in Sunday School yesterday. The comparison was made to a Thanksgivings feast and then to Conference. One thought that hit me was that by the end of Conference, I often on information overload – which is also a common part of a Thanksgiving feast.  I understand what the Savior means when he’s talking to the Nephites after His resurrection; they needed time to digest what he taught them.  I’m sure they knew He was right, but they didn’t want Him to go either. I’m sad at the end of Conference, but I’m glad to have time to digest what I learned and felt.

One goal I have is to read all the Conference talks from one Conference before the next arrives.  I just finished President Uchtdorf’s talk from the last Relief Society broadcast this morning.  It’s a great way to relive Conference in between Conferences!

The Redheaded Hostess shared some great Conference traditions, in case you are looking for some.  Please share what traditions you have to help your family focus on General Conference.

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General Conference Reflections

Last week’s General Conference was all that I’d expected.  There were  so many talks that touched me.  A few thoughts that stood out in my notes.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf hit home with his talk about how Satan plays on the extremes of the Paradox of men.  We are so small compared to the universe.  At the same time we tend to be full of ourselves.  We battle with feeling small and insignificant, while struggling with pride.

Neil L. Anderson echoed my thoughts with his talk about the blessings that came from struggling through the poverty of the newlywed years.  Sometimes we are blessed from going without more than we are from temporal blessings.

Ian S. Ardern caught my attention when he said we will be asked for an account of how we spend our time as part of the final judgement.  That’s incentive to use it wisely.

Carl B. Cook reminded us it’s better to look up.  Look to God in faith and we will not feel overburdened.

I look forward to studying he words from our leaders over the next several months until we get to do it again in April!

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Friday Favorites: September 30

September’s almost over!  This week flew by with several things going on in the evenings; last night was the first night we weren’t running somewhere.  You’d think the busy schedule would spark lots of favorites, but sometimes it just wears me out.  There are a few things that make me feel good.

  • General Conference preparations – I picked up snacks and breakfasts for our Conference weekend.
  • Candy corn – Our local grocery store didn’t have any, but I was able to pick some up on a run to Wal-mart this week. I can’t wait to finally decorate next week.
  • The Host – Despite my disinterest in the Twilight series, Stephanie Meyer is a great storyteller.

I can’t forget to mention the cool things going on in the blogosphere.

  • Seth Adam Smith shares a inspiring Book of Mormon challenge.
  • Monzanita shares a Booing recap.  I’m hoping next week settles down enough for us to play too!
  • Since Halloween is the precursor to Thanksgiving (which is the precursor to Christmas), we might as well start thinking about pie!  Latter Day Woman’s Jordan is on a Pie Quest and shares S’mores Pie.
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