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Family Home Evening: Understanding

After a few weeks, welcome back to this week’s family home evening. Family celebrations and vacations sometimes interrupt our family home evening flow, but we are back on track!

Opening Song: Book of Mormon Stories (Can you tell this is a family favorite?)


Scripture: Jacob 4:13

Lesson: UnderstandingFamily home evening understanding

¬†We started off our lesson by reading Matthew 13:13-14. This where Jesus tells the Apostles why he teaches in parables. One of the reasons is that they teach us at the level we’re are at individually. It also warns of hearing without understanding. How do we hear (or read) with understanding?

  • Ponder what we’ve read
  • Read the scriptures repeatedly and regularly

To further explore this level of understanding we discussed the parable of the Widow’s mite. Here’s what we think that parable is about:

  • The amount we give isn’t important, but the amount we sacrifice
  • Everyone can give something
  • Giving isn’t meant to be a show, it should be quiet and unnoticed

As a Sunday School teacher used to say: If so, so what? Now that we’ve analyzed this parable, how do we apply it to ourselves?

  • We only see a part of who a person is
  • We’re all different
  • Don’t judge; try to get to know who a person
  • We don’t know what others know, or understand, or the depth of their testimony

Activity: Taboo

Closing Song


Treat: French Toast Cupcakes

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Friday Favorites: October 5

Happy October! I pulled the Halloween decorations out of the closet, now we just need some time to decorate. Actually I did hang up three decorations, so I can officially say we’ve started our Halloween celebration. And I bought candy corn – that totally counts! Besides Halloween preparations, I have some other favorites too!

  • Frost Gelato – Check out my review on Arizona Mama!Gelato favorites
  • My girls and I made these yummy French Toast Cupcakes. They are delicious, but no matter how much you want to, don’t eat two in the same day or you’ll get a tummy ache!
  • I finished the rough draft of my kids party planning book! Now on to the editing.
  • My monthly ANWA chapter meeting was awesome as usual. It’s amazing how meeting with a few women with the same interest recharges me.

Here’s more fun from my some of my favorite blogs!

So there’s this week’s wrap up of my favorites. Please share your’s, I’d love to see them!

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Slices of September

Can you believe 2012 is 3/4 of the way over? I guess if you judged by the Christmas trees in the stores, you’d September is time to decoratethink it was even further along! But have no fear, you still have 85 shopping days until Christmas. So let’s see how September sliced up.

0 – Days logging food.

.2 – Pounds gained. I wonder if there is a correlation between that and not logging my food?

4 – Books read, including The Dragonfly Pool.

6 – Scrapbook layouts finished. I’m so far behind on my goal of finishing last year’s pictures by the end of next month. Anyone up for a scrapbook night?

7 – Articles written. Check out my latest, Fall Fun at the Park.

9Projects completed. Most of them were books I read. Where did the month go?

19 – Blog posts.

24French Toast Cupcakes made for a church activity.

1112 – Page views! Another record month, thanks to you.

3715 – Words added to my book.

Top 5 posts for September

  1. Book Theme Decorations
  2. FHE: Joseph Smith’s First Vision Revisited
  3. Sweet Shop / Nerf Top Shot Invitations
  4. FHE: Joseph Smith’s First Vision
  5. Family Photography Challenge

How did your September slice up?

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