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Friday Favorites: March 29

Happy Good Friday! It’s a good Friday here for many reasons, including posting my Friday Favorites on Friday two weeks in a row.

  • A family dinner filled with yummy food, delicious chocolate cake and good company!Favorite kite
  • A fun coin toss fundraiser at our last Cub Scout Pack Meeting.
  • Yogurt with a friend.
  • After a detour with a short story, I started working on my book again. As i read over parts of previous chapters, looking for details to support what I was writing, I kept thinking how much I like the story. I’m totally excited to work on it again!
  • On that note, ANWA had a WOW (week of writing). I’ve added 323 words so far this week.
  • My Paper Bag Kite article over at Arizona Mama.
  • I ‘hard-boiled’ eggs in the oven. It simplified the process. The kiddos were commenting they like the other way better, but I’m not sure why. I’ll let you know next week if they taste just as good.
  • Dying Easter Eggs is always fun. I just wish I could start earlier in the evening, but I wish that every year.
  • Today I finished reading Airman by Eoin Colfer and we had our family book club for the book. I didn’t cut it close, I had hours to spare!

How has your week been? Are you as excited about Easter as we are? As excited as I am about Easter, I’m going to sneak in another hundred words or so on my book while everyone else is occupied!

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Friday Favorites: March 22

I finally made it! Friday Favorites is back on Friday! We’ve spent the week chillin’ and relaxing.

  • Sleeping in! My favorite part of Spring Break, even if it’s only for a half hour or so.zoo favorites
  • We spent a full day at the zoo. I got in over 20,000 steps and still gained weight. Just because Kettle Corn tastes good, doesn’t mean it’s nice! Oh well, we had fun watching the elephant and the stork eat, and the burrowing owls hop around. Our favorites were the monkeys running and jumping all over the place.
  • I finished reading Deadweather and Sunrise. I even posted my review. Now to catch up with the other books I read this year.
  • I made a huge batch of homemade rolls. I normally make these for Thanksgiving and few other times a year. This time they are for dinner with a neighbor.

How did you spend your Spring Break? Did you go anywhere fun? Try any new crafts? Finish any projects? Please share so I can live vicariously through you!


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Friday Favorites on Saturday

I was hoping to get back on track with posting Friday Favorites on Fridays again. Obviously that didn’t happen this week. Since there’s too much fun stuff to do on a Saturday, here’s a quick run down of this week’s favorites.

  • We finally saw Wreck It Ralph at the dollar movies. It was a nice family evening of food court food and Favorite stomachcruising the mall.
  • After five stores, I finally found a short sleeve white dress shirt.
  • I finished my short story! It needs a lot of polishing, but there’s still a sense of accomplishment in finishing.
  • Pi Day at the Arizona Science Center.
  • Pie on Pi Day.
  • Book Club. I didn’t even read the book; I was there for the social time.

When I list it that way, it looks like I have plenty of reason to feel like we had a full week. How did you fill your week?


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Friday Favorites on Saturday

Friday came and went but I had some great favorites I wanted to share, even if they are a day late! It’s been a very social week.Favorite food

  • I had lunch with a friend at a new favorite restaurant – Cafe Zupas. It was a little rushed since I needed to get to work.
  • An awesome ANWA chapter meeting and write in. We discussed the big ANWA conference that I’m still digesting. There were so many amazing classes.We also found a lot of humor through out our meeting.
  • A surprise visit from my in-laws.
  • Girls night out was very eclectic with sushi and gelato. It’s important to experience foods from different parts of the world. We laughed so much in Charming Charlie’s. I can’t believe so many of the ladies hadn’t been there before.

I haven’t been keeping up with my favorite blogs as much as I would like, but here are a couple recent posts that caught my eye.

What were a few of your favorite things this week?

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