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Family Home Evening: Love at Home with Service

I love when the kids use their turn for the family home evening lesson to work on Faith in God, Duty to God or Personal Progress! This week’s FHE is a good one. (Unlike the usual bad ones 🙂 )

Opening Song: Give Said the Little StreamValentine


Scripture: John 3:16

Lesson: Love at Home with Service

How do we serve our family?

  • Cook for them
  • Do their laundry
  • Drive them (these were my answers)
  • Give gifts
  • Babysit
  • Play games together
  • Share
  • Help each other
  • Work out problems without arguing

We’ve used Love One Another charts before and it’s time for another one. It’s a great way to help your family be aware of all the little acts of service that are being performed, usually unnoticed. Once we start noticing them and thinking about them, they increase! Talk about a win win.

Activity: Mormon Ads. We searched quotes about families and chose one to make our own Mormon Ad. I chose “Individual progression is fostered in the family which is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.” by Russel M. Nelson.

Closing Song: Old McDonald Had a Farm (just for my grandson)


Treat: Red Cake

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Family Home Evening: Christmas Preparations

This week’s family home evening was full of planning and preparation.  We started off our evening with our night’s Christmas story.  Many years ago my sister in law gave us a binder with a scripture, story and song for every night from December 1 through Christmas Eve.

After our story, we did some Christmas planning for gifts from our family. Our activity was wrapping some of the gifts from our family.  The wrapping is much less tedious when we work together.

Our treat was Christmas fudge.

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Friday Favorites: November 25

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I must not have eaten enough, because I’m hungry again.  There were a lot of favorites Thanksgiving week.

  • I’m not into getting up at the crack of dawn (or stroke of midnight) for Black Friday shopping.  We started our Christmas shopping in earnest last weekend and earlier this week.  I still have a few more gifts to decide on and other projects, but it seems manageable because I started early.
  • I finished scrapbooking 2010, except the journaling on a couple of pages.
  • I tried some homemade rolls I found on Pinterest.  They were yummy and not too labor intensive.  The best part was they made a lot!
  • My girls were awesome to help out in the kitchen on Pie day and Thanksgiving.  We all worked together the last couple of hours before dinner.  My mom jumped in and helped when she got here too.

If you have time to take a break from shopping and enjoying your family, here’s my favorite links this Friday.

  • Chef Tess shares some recipes for that leftover turkey.  Ours usually makes it to sandwiches and I freeze some for future dinners.
  • Are you tired of pie?  Me either, but these Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars from Two Peas and & Their Pod look mighty good!
  • I’m sure we’ll start decorating for Christmas this weekend.  This snowman from Small Fry & Co. would be a cute addition to our decor.

Please share your favorite part of Thanksgiving and what you are looking forward to this weekend!  I’m hoping to get family pictures taken so I can work on getting Christmas cards mailed out.

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Guest Post: My Mom is Amazing!

This is written by one of Raejean’s kiddos.

Assorted 10 Reasons I Love Mom

The following are completely and totally true, despite what Raejean may say.

1. She is perfect.(Well, as close as you can get)

2. She is beautiful.

3. My mom thrifty. (Have you seen her parties?)

4. She has turned our family into the best Cub Scout family ever! (The Pack helps the Scout Grow, The Scout helps the Pack Go)

5. My mom is a great writer.

6. My mom thinks every quote is from Kid History.

7. She saves 15% or more on groceries.

8. She is super skinny.

9. She breathes.

10. She made me!

It’s me, Raejean; I regained my computer from my kiddo.  This week started out crazy and has left me frazzled with no brain cells for writing.  Thanks for the somewhat truthful guest post in the style of It’s a Crafty Life’s Ten on Tuesday!

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