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Christmas Jars Reunion Book Club Review

We loved Christmas Jars so much last year; we were excited to read the sequel Christmas Jars Reunion for our last family book club. We started it just before Christmas and I wasn’t surprised that we didn’t finish it by New Year’s Day.  It was a little strange reading a Christmas book in February.

Overall the story was good, but not as strong as the original.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed the excuse to discuss the book, eat food and enjoy a couple of brief activities.  I’d give it 3 1/2 slices.

Because so much of the story happened at Chuck’s Chicken, we held our meeting during a dinner of oven fried chicken and tator tots.  While we ate we discussed the book – its strengths and weaknesses and the overall message.

At one point in the book, Al and his young friend Queen play a game of 20 questions.  We went around the table and each of us directed similar questions to others around the table.  I was hoping for some thoughtful answers, but we stayed pretty silly.  At one point, my son said “Darn! I have a good question for myself!”

Finally, I asked everyone to think about the dream vacation Maryann was able to enjoy.  Then I asked where each person’s dream trip would take them.  There were a few vague answers like – everywhere. My animal lover wanted a world tour of all the zoos of the world.

Now we’re moving on to The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner.  What are you reading right now (besides my blog)?

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Secret Book Club

Shhh!  Can you keep a secret?  I can’t!  I have to share our latest family book club over at Arizona Mama, featuring The Name of this Book is Secret.  We had fun reading this middle grade book and even more fun celebrating it!  There were secret messages and a Symphony of Smells.

Be sure to say “hi” when you visit!

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Friday Favorites: August 26

It’s the last Friday in August, so the heat has to break soon – right?  Please?  I keep trying to remind myself how nice it was in June and the cool weather will return. Even though the heat isn’t my favorite, there’s plenty of other enjoyable things to distract me.

  • A giveaway!  I haven’t hosted a giveaway in a while; it’s nice to give something back.
  • Good books.  I’m about half way through the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and I just started Science Fair for our family book club.
  • My grandson outgrowing his newborn clothes – OK, that one’s my favorite because it’s fun to watch him grow, and not my favorite because the time is going by so quickly!
  • My daughter and I started a recipe blog to keep all our family’s favorite recipes in spot.  I could have used this all those times I was at someone’s house, wishing I had a specific recipe with me.  Thanks to Monzanita, who has done all the work, there’s a few recipes up.  Look out for more to come.

There’s plenty of other folks having a good time in the blogosphere too!

  • Your Homebased Mom has to be having fun making this Cinnamon Roll Cake!
  • I’m with Poca Cosa and ready for fall.  Her Candy Corn Milkshake could be the ticket.
  • The Language of Flowers is another book on my list after reading Booking Mama’s review.
  • I’ve been working on a sewing project with one of my kiddos.  She wants to learn to sew and I’m trying to teach her with my limited skills.  The Mother Huddle listed an awesome directory of sewing tips that I think I will find immensely helpful in my efforts!

What’s keeping your mind off the heat, or the storm if you live back east?

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Pushcart War Book Club

It’s book club time again, yeah!  I say that like there is a regular and set time for our book clubs, instead of whenever Mom finally finishes reading the book everyone else finished days ago.  (OK, sometimes it’s more like weeks.)  Pop over to Arizona Mama and read our latest happenings.  

What are you reading this hot summer day?

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