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Family Home Evening: Divine Nature

Time got away from me; I can’t believe I haven’t posted since mid-November! We have been having Family Home Evening, I’ve been too busy to post what we’ve been up to. In December we focused on Christmas. I’m excited to get back into my routine.Family home evening divine nature

Opening Song: Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam


Scripture: Mosiah 8:18

Lesson: Divine Nature

Our lesson started off with an object lesson. Everyone received a playing card and was asked what they noticed about their card. There were different groups (numbers & suits), the backs are the same, and they are made of the same material. Like those playing cards, we should remember that we are are made of the same material. We should remember what we have in common and appreciate our differences.

Activity: What If This is one of my favorite games!

Closing Song: Army of Helaman


Treat: White Chocolate Pretzel Cookies (Dangerous diet breaking cookies!)

What are your favorite object lessons?

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