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2013 Word of the Year

I can’t believe January is half over. I’m still trying to get my head around my goals for the year. Before I get any Determination Word of the Yearmore behind, I’ll share my word of the year.

Last year I focused on nurturing myself. Moms get so busy taking care of everyone else, sometimes we don’t do so well taking care of ourselves.

The year before that it was direction. So many things to learn and be, but what do I really want to be? I’m still working on that one!

My first year’s word was Progress.

I’m seeing a trend that I’ll continue with this year’s word – Determination. As in the act of coming to a decision¬†or of fixing or settling a purpose.¬†This is the year to put it all together and move forward on becoming something more. It’s the year to let go of fear and doubt, and transform.

Adding a picture to this post was hard! What does determination look like? I had a picture of a raccoons from our family photography challenge and thought about how determined those buggers can be to get into food. The picture of a squirrel at the lake reminded me how determined he was to eat my Oreos – not cool. But the picture from my graduation is more in line with my hopes for this year; a culmination of years of learning and hard work coming together.

Do you have a word to guide this year? I’d love to hear it. We could offer each other support and encouragement.

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