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Family Home Evening: Decision Making

Welcome to this Sunday’s Family Home Evening! I hope our home evening plans help you with yours.

Opening Song: Book of Mormon StoriesFamily Home Evening


Scripture: Doctrine & Covenants 9:8-9

Lesson: Study It Out in Your Mind

First we discussed the steps to make a decision.

  1. Study the problem or question in your mind. Think about how you could solve the problem or answer the question.
  2. Decide what you think you should do.
  3. Ask Heavenly Father if your decision is right.
  4. Listen with your heart and mind. If your decision is right, the Holy Ghost will give you a good feeling about it. If your decision is wrong, you will not feel good about it, and you need to make a different choice.

Next we talked about what kinds of decisions we need to take to the Lord. 2012 states

  • Where to go to school
  • What to study
  • Who to marry
  • Where to live
  • Where to work

We probably don’t need to ask is our clothes match or what flavor of ice cream we should order. But any major decision, we should make with the Lord. It’s so much easier that way!

One of my friends was praying about a decision her family was facing. During her prayer she asked that if it was the wrong choice that she would feel physically ill. As the night wore on, she became sicker and sicker until she finally realized that was the answer to her prayer. The Lord loves us and wants us to make choices that will bring us closer to him.

Activity: Snowball Pong

Closing Song: Give, Said the Little Stream


Treat: Ice Cream (one of our favorite treats!)



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