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November & December Sliced

I keep getting more and more behind with this whole blogging thing, now I’m slicing November and December in the middle of January! But I’m glad to review the last too months regardless. Maybe this year I can come up with a schedule I can make happen.


.6 – Pounds gained

Rolls sliced

These rolls don’t need a long time to rise!

1 – Book read, Crossed by Ally Condie

29 – Countries visited

48 – Rolls made for Thanksgiving, I thought I’d grab a shower while I let the rolls rise. As you can see that wasn’t the best idea.

49 – States visited

687 – Words added to book

1512 – Page views on Easy As PIE


0 – Words added to my book, I did Christmas instead

2 – Books read, yeah a big finish

2.8 – Pounds gained

12 – Months sliced

20 – Countries visited

25 – Projects completed

46 – States visited

48 – More rolls for Christmas. I had more than I needed for dinner, so I asked my kids if they minded if I shared some of the extra rolls with my team members at work. One of kiddos said, “No, we can eat 30 rolls.”

587 – Pages views

Now that I’ve survived December and have a year of months sliced under my belt for 2013, I’m trying to wrap my head around the New Year. I’m still wrestling with setting my goals for this year so I can move forward and successfully slice another year’s worth of months.

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Slices of December

Happy New Year! As you can guess by the 11 days since my last post, there’s been a lot of Christmas going on around here. I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine – and posting regularly again! What better way to get started than by slicing December.December toffee

1 – Pound gained. How can English Toffee taste so good and be so evil?

4 – Articles written, including our Christmas Jars Reunion Family Book Club.

7 – Books read. I love Christmas stories!December card

9Projects completed. I think all I accomplished was Christmas! I still did better than last month.

20 – Christmas cards received.

38 – Countries visited Easy As PIE.

48 – Rolls baked. We liked them so much at Thanksgiving, we were ready to eat make them again.

50 – States visited the blog. The top five were Florida, California, Texas, Arizona and Utah!

1198 – Page views this month.

2693 – Words added to my book.

December top five posts:

Book Theme Party Decorations

Family Home Evening: Joseph Smith’s First Vision Revisited

Family Home Evening: Joseph Smith’s First Vision

Pinewood Derby

Sweet Shop and Nerf Top Shot Invitations


Share your December successes!

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Slices of December

Happy New Year!  To Celebrate the New Year, I’m changing from December Numbered to Slices of December.  It goes much better with my Easy As Pie theme.  December was filled with a whole lot of Christmas, but we managed to some other things too.

0 – pounds lost or gained.  I was able to maintain my weight through the Christmas goodies and New Year’s celebrations.

1 – Recipe added to our Real Food for Real People blog.  I’m going to try to add more of our dinners this year.

2 – Nights looking at Christmas lights.

4 – Books read; Skipping Christmas, Christmas List, Science Fair, and Daughters in My Kingdom.

7 – Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama.

9 – Challenge Projects completed.

23 – Blog posts written.

1003 – Page views!

How did your month add up? 

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