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Friday Favorites: June 14

Happy Flag Day! This week’s favorites have largely come from our Summer Bucket List Challenge. So far we have completed 15 items – and most of them were even fun. We had a streak of poor sportsmanship during a game. It was the Hunger Games board game, so maybe it’s hard to be a good sport when your playing a game about bumping off the competition.bucket list favorites

  • We attempted to attend the MCC Planetarium Night, but we arrived to late to get tickets. No matter, we watched a show about Pluto (poor demoted planet), looked at Saturn through a telescope and shot film canister rockets.
  • We had our family book club for Deadweather and Sunrise.
  • We tried frying an egg on the sidewalk, but it was too cold. (There’s something you don’t hear about an Arizona summer day very often!) We’ll have to try again when it hits 115.
  • We made Father’s Day cards.
  • Our ice cream social was a delicious success! There’s even some ice cream left over to make milkshakes; a list item for another day.
  • Not a summer bucket list item, but we had another meeting planning the ANWA Writer’s Conference. It’s going to be so cool!

Were your Friday Favorites also you Summer Bucket List items? Share your favorites so I can use them for my family too!

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Friday Favorites: March 22

I finally made it! Friday Favorites is back on Friday! We’ve spent the week chillin’ and relaxing.

  • Sleeping in! My favorite part of Spring Break, even if it’s only for a half hour or so.zoo favorites
  • We spent a full day at the zoo. I got in over 20,000 steps and still gained weight. Just because Kettle Corn tastes good, doesn’t mean it’s nice! Oh well, we had fun watching the elephant and the stork eat, and the burrowing owls hop around. Our favorites were the monkeys running and jumping all over the place.
  • I finished reading Deadweather and Sunrise. I even posted my review. Now to catch up with the other books I read this year.
  • I made a huge batch of homemade rolls. I normally make these for Thanksgiving and few other times a year. This time they are for dinner with a neighbor.

How did you spend your Spring Break? Did you go anywhere fun? Try any new crafts? Finish any projects? Please share so I can live vicariously through you!


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Deadweather and Sunrise Book Review

I was excited to read Deadweather and Sunrise from the Chronicles of Egg series by Geoff Rodkey. I’m even more excited to share my book review of Mr. Rodkey’s debut novel, a middle grade adventure that will keep boys, girls and their moms riveted.

It’s tough to be thirteen, especially when somebody’s trying to kill you.Deadweather and Sunrise Book Review

Not that Egg’s life was ever easy, growing up on sweaty, pirate-infested Deadweather Island with no company except an incompetent tutor and a pair of unusually violent siblings who hate his guts.

But when Egg’s father hustles their family off on a mysterious errand to fabulously wealthy Sunrise Island, then disappears with the siblings in a freak accident, Egg finds himself a long-term guest at the mansion of the glamorous Pembroke family and their beautiful, sharp-tongued daughter Millicent. Finally, life seems perfect.

Until someone tries to throw him off a cliff.

Suddenly, Egg’s running for his life in a bewildering world of cutthroat pirates, villainous businessmen, and strange Native legends. The only people who can help him sort out the mystery of why he’s been marked for death are Millicent and a one-handed, possibly deranged cabin boy. {Amazon}

 As excited as I was to read this high water adventure, one of my kiddos snagged it and read it first. The nerve of her! Taking advantage of my cooking and cleaning duties to steal my book. Needless to say we both enjoyed the book.

I love the main character Egg as he figures out life as it shifts unexpectedly from mundane to harrowing. He picks up an unpredictable one-handed friend, Guts along the way. I even like Milicent, even if she can be a little overbearing with her extreme confidence and leadership abilities.

Egg’s voice is lively and engaging as he tries to determine who he can trust in a land (and sea) crawling with pirates. The pace is great right up to the last few pages, with plenty of questions to be answered in the next book of the series – New Lands. It’s easy to see why it was voted Amazon Best Middle Grade Book of the Month in June 2012. I agree with Rick Riordan when he says its “Lemony Snicket meets Pirates of the Caribbean, with a sprinkling of Tom Sawyer for good measure.”

The paperback edition was recently released and the sequel is coming in May. I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing that one too! A big thanks to Media Masters Publicity for providing a copy of the book for my family to fight over.

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