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Friday Favorites: March 2

I missed sharing my favorites with you last week because I was knee deep in the amazing ANWA writing conference.  Not only did I learn so much, I also met some awesome women.  I came home just in time to help my kids with a couple of big projects due this week – those projects didn’t make this week’s favorites, although I enjoyed seeing the end results.  Here’s what did make the list:

  • Did I mention ANWA?  It was really cool, you should go next year!
  • The Blue and Gold Banquet had a couple of hiccups, but we rolled with the punches and it turned out well.  My favorite part was the Nutella cupcake I savored after I was done being silly in front of the Cub Scouts and their families.

Even though my week was crazy, I still had time to find new favorite posts!

Share your favorites of the day!

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Slices of February

Even though the shortest month of the year was a day longer than usual, it still went by way too fast.  I don’t know how I’m supposed to get everything done if the time flies by at such a high speed!  I’m not ready to give up on my New Year’s goals; I may not have big changes, but I’m working on changes.  Here’s my slices of February!

.2 – Pounds lost. I need another jump start, but at least I lost a little.

1 – Recipe added to Real Food for Real People.

2 – Books read, including Christmas Jars Reunion and Museum of Thieves.

4 – Scrapbook layouts.

6 – Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama, my latest article is Science Fair Book Club.

7 – Names checked for accuracy and completeness on my Personal Ancestral File (PAF).

8Projects completed, most of them involved Cub Scouts.

19 – Blog posts.

26 – Days of logging my food; ten of them actually were logged onto the website to calculate the number of calories.

36 – Names added to my PAF file.

37Mustache valentines made for family and friends.

642 – Page views.

How did you slice your February?


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Friday Favorites: February 3

Happy February!  I just finished watching my grandson for a couple of days.  I’d forgotten how hard it is to get things done and take care of a baby.  Somehow there was still a couple of favorites, besides my Grandma time.

  • Pow Wow – a day of fun Cub Scout training!
  • I registered for a writing conference at the end of the month.  The classes sound awesome!
  • Valentine’s decorating.  We don’t have a ton of decorations, but the house is fairly festive.

I’ve been trying to gear up for Valentine’s Day.  I’d like to make a banner of some kind for my mantle and figure out what the younger kiddos are doing for their class.  Fortunately there are plenty of ideas in the blogosphere.

Please share your favorites of the week!  Maybe next week I’ll have pictures of a cool Valentine’s craft project of my kiddos class Valentines.

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Chinese New Year Pack Meeting

Since our Pack Meeting was shortly after the start of Chinese New Year, we used that theme to go with our Positive Attitude Character Connection.  I shared my plans in our Cub Committee Meeting.  Not only did the dens take care of their assignments, the Bears and Webelos also made some really cool paper dragons to display at Pack Meeting.

The Webelos were in charge of the gathering activity this month.  They deciphered a few Chinese sayings.  We introduced our theme and Character Connection with a brief history of the Chinese New Year and some qualities of people born in the Year of the Dragon.  I named a few famous “Dragons”; for some reason Chuck Norris got the biggest response from the audience.  Part of the Chinese New Year celebration includes positive wishes for family and friends, and casting away grudges.  Just like our New Year celebration, it is a fresh start full of hope and possibilities.

Our parent training focused on the purposes of advancement.

  • Build your son’s self-esteem
  • Build his self –reliance
  • Give positive recognition
  • Bring a boy closer to his family

Advancing through Cub Scouts creates stronger Boy Scouts and increases the likelihood of boys earning their Eagle Scout rank.  The statistics are staggering on the ratio of Eagle Scouts to missionaries, astronauts and Navy Seals!  Most of all we want to give our sons the tools to be good men.

The Bears tickled our funny bone with their digging to China skit.  Note to self: have boys hand their noise makers to their parents at the end of the skit.

We were fortunate to have a bunch of awards, including four Wolf advancements, a Webelos advancement and crossover ceremony.

After all that, we spent a few minutes playing Catch the Dragon’s Tail while the parents met with the Den Leaders to review the advancement requirements for their specific den.

We finished up the evening with fortune cookies for everyone.

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