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October Sliced

Fall has officially hit here in Arizona! It’s 64 degrees as I write this. I’ve been enjoying soups and chili all month and despite the five bowls of candy on my counter, I’m in the mood for some baking. Before I get too carried away with fall festivities, I better slice October!

Stack of books

0 – Books read. I’m close to finishing the one I started last month.

1 – Food day at work and way too many snacks to count.

2 – New team members at work.

2.2 – Pounds gained

3 – Super fun activities with my Cub Scouts

4 – People making a spontaneous batch of sauteed apples – Yum!

5 – Bowls of Halloween candyHalloween haul

10 – Push-ups this month

12 – Projects completed

15 – General Conference talks watched, even though I worked on Sunday

30 – Countries visited Easy As PIE

47 – States visited

66 – Words added to my book. That’s like two whole sentences!

100 – Percent on my training test at work, highest score in the class (or on my team)

881 – Page views to my poor neglected blog

Now that November’s half way over, I have finally sliced October. How did your month go and how is your new month going? Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

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Slices of June

June flew by; it felt like the month was only 9 days long. I love sleeping in and less taxiing kids around. Now if I can figure out how to spend my time playing with them and still get my work done! Here’s how we sliced the month.

0 – Pounds gained or lost. I did so good last month, but this month I didn’t do good at logging my food. Our trip to Flagstaff set me back too.

1 – Tricycle race at Pack Meeting. (Two if you count my impromptu challenge to the other Cub Scout leaders.)

6 – Books finished, including the first two Ranger’s Apprentice books.

7 – Articles written for the Homemaking Cottage and Arizona Mama, including the Savvy Family Book Club.

14 – Blog posts. I have so many things planned, hopefully this month I’ll be able to share them with you.

15 – Scrapbook layouts finished. That sounds like so many, but I’m going to have to pick up the pace to finish last year’s pictures by the end of November – or change that goal!

16Projects finished; there was a lot of reading, some Scout stuff and even a little cleaning.

37 – Names added to my Personal Ancestral File. It’s going to be hard to ever finish if I keep adding four for every one name I verify!

565 – Page Views.

How did you do with June? Are you pleased with how your month sliced up?

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Friday Favorites: March 9

Here in the Valley of the Sun, spring has sprung!  We get a taste of the nice weather for a few days before a storm moves in and cools us off.  I’m OK with that because the warm weather will quickly fade to hot weather all too soon.  I’ll share this week’s favorites, and then I’m going back outside!

  • Cub Scout Day Camp!  I love seeing that many Cub Scouts in one place, wearing their uniform and excited to have fun learning and doing what they do best.
  • Speaking of Cub Scouts, we had a very productive Committee Meeting planning our Pinewood Derby.
  • Our Relief Society celebrated its birthday with a dinner, a game and a craft.

Here’s my favorites from around the web.

  • Monzanita is starting a new family tradition.
  • My Insanity shares a cute way to decorate cans for your organization needs.
  • What Friday Favorites would be complete without a recipe – like Bakers Royale Snickers Cake.
  • Or if you want to ditch the sweets, Your Homebased Mom has some yummy bread sticks.

I’d like to do something fun for St. Patrick’s Day, but I don’t even have my decorations up.  I’m not sure it’s even worth putting them up for a week, but we don’t have very many so we’ll see.  If you have any simple ideas for older kids – please share!  Feel free to share any other favorites too.

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Native American Blue and Gold Banquet

There were a few challenges with this year’s Blue and Gold Banquet.  I am grateful for awesome leaders that helped pull the food together.  Eight hours before the festivities began, I found out there was a conflict in the building schedule.  Nothing a little rearranging and getting cozy couldn’t fix.  All’s well that ends well!

I know some Packs have longer, more elaborate banquets, but I prefer to keep it simple and let families enjoy a good meal and good company.   The Bears employed some crazy basket weaving skills to make a Native American game that we used to decorate our tables.

Our gathering activity was also part of our decorations. Previously, I cut the bottoms out of a bunch of paper bags and then cut them in half to make place-mats. The kids and I crumpled them up for that authentic leather look. At the Blue & Gold we placed them on the tables with crayons so families could decorate them with Indian designs.

During dinner families enjoyed a slide show of our Cub Scout events from the previous year. Dinner was the real reason we chose a Native American theme – we wanted to have Navajo Taco.  Not only did it taste good, it was fairly easy to get the food prepped ahead of time.  This came in handy because we needed every family to contribute to pull it off.

As dinner finished up, I went over some Pack business like the upcoming Pinewood Derby.  The Pack shared their really cool cheer they practiced for Day Camp. Then they helped me teach parents why Cub Scouts is so important.  We finished up with awards for the boys and the leaders, before we closed with a prayer and dessert. A big thanks to the mom who brought Nutella Cupcakes!

What was the theme for your Pack’s Blue and Gold?

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